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the really disgusting part would be if they sneezed to cover up something else that they were squirting onto your neck.....yeah, you know what I'm talking about.....


  wwerulez14  |  6

"Today, after accidentally sneezing on my co-worker's neck and not apologizing, my co-worker turned around and I got to feel his warm hand press up against my face. I have a black eye now, and all of my co-workers and my boss agree that it was my fault. My wife is somehow to blame. FML"

Let this be a lesson to you; apologize for things like this or some poor wife may be beaten.

  sonnet  |  0

Today, I was in a meeting and started to jerk off. As I shot my cum onto my coworker's neck, I sneezed to cover up for myself. She still thinks it's my snot. FHL.