By Anonymous - 07/03/2010 00:32 - United States

Today, I met my boyfriend's mom for the first time. She pulls out a freezer bag full of condoms and says "I have some cooler ones upstairs, if you want his penis to glow in the dark." FML
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thongs4lyfe 0

omfg!!!!! I've used glow in the dark condoms before!!!!! sooooo much fun to watch go in and out! and to play wit, it's like a lite saber!!!!!!

turn the lights off!!!


turn the lights off!!!

FYLDeep 25

Sounds like the mom wants in on the action.

what does op even mean?

turn the lights off, carry me home... o sry that comment reminded me of that song

killerviral 0

hey she's fucking cool I would love to have a mom like that lol

agreed with 30. my mom only gives me anal beads.

lol, best part is she just gives em out, it's like, here take these, your going to do it eventually, may as well be now and in style

Blue_Coconuts 7

I wanna buy some glow in the dark condom's and make a girl play ring toss in the dark. I'm not sure why but it sounds hilarious.

me too, and I would love to see my d*ck glow in the dark

kenman884 2

If I guess correctly, original poster.

cater2U 0

turn out the lights. put on a glowing condom.

Eggvader 0

ask her where she bought them

all the small things? one would be his penis

oh oh ask her if she has any with rocket ships on them

yeah 65 thats what i thit but it didnt always fit

yah 65 thats what i thot but it doesnt always work

that's not a fml looser

Coolest. Mom. Ever.

harajukujunkie 0

wow dat suqz 4 u

The first time I read this I read "she pulled some condoms put of the freezer and there are some colder ones up stairs" lmao I think I have dyslexia lol

that isnt an fnl. thats a fucking cool mom

#30 is right on

kye_kye16 0


I wouldn't complain. It sounds like one cool mom.

op means original poster

yah totally! Best Mom Ever.

I love that song! blink 182 is sooooo coool!!!

midorihoneybucke 0

lol same thats like the best mom ever

that's nice. the lord shines threw the darkest nite. 

@26- Blink-182! Best band everrr(:

umm it is an fml bcuz tht probly means his girlfriend is a whore and has a disease that is a total fml

u_killed_kenny_ 0

well, do u want glow in the dark condoms? I sure do :)

FlippyFloppies 0

@ #95, i read the exact same thing you did. we will have dislexia together.

li_vikki 0

coooool mom

deanftw 0

gayest band ever

D4rkCha0s 0

dude y this an fml. she bassicaly tellin u to go do it. hell ya :D

jessieex0x0 0

lmfao sweet ass mom

best... mother... EVER!!!

EmmaMarieCullen 0

# 85 and 86 op does mean original poster

Dizzygrl08 4

Win for his mom. EPIC win lol

Meegggaaann 0

she's supportive.

wait your mom gives you Anal beads because...?

don't worry I read that too! :)

Those glowy ones dont even fucking work!!!! >:{} dont waste ur $$ on them!!!

thongs4lyfe 0

omfg!!!!! I've used glow in the dark condoms before!!!!! sooooo much fun to watch go in and out! and to play wit, it's like a lite saber!!!!!!

Holy crap dude! I laughed so hard I couldn't breath!

lol, did you make light-saber sounds with it? WHHHOOOOOOM!

smashleighfig 0

hahaha thats a cool ass mom And this comment made me lmao hah

bobys36 0

lol agree wit 71 picture.

THX FOR THE ADVICE!! Ill use them when im legal :3

This comment made my decade :)

Rammer3500 23

The misspellings in this make me wonder how old you really are...

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Parabolar 1


yours was the stupidest yet then.

my boyfriends mom doesn't even let Is cuddle on the couch so be thankful that he has a cool mom.....I have to admit that it is a little weird but it could be alot worse...

sugarbabyxoxo 2

man haha at least his mom isn't a phsyco bitch and goes ape shit when you two hang out, talk ect. the whole "my baby boy act" gets fuckking old lol.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

oops I don't know why that posted as a reply to number 4 sorry lol.

it's because your big boobs were blocking the monitor's line of sight just admit it.

rockstarxtina 0

it is cool.

um... how is this an fml?? your boyfriend's mum sounds cool. lol

The reason it was an FML was that is was an odd moment.

rennobeinna 0

that's what I was thinkin!!!

ryancorn 0

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thts kimdov weird

HippL 0

she was being very thoughtful Lol :D

smd op. that is all.

Smd? "Shake my dick"? "Shave mike's donkey"?