By Tiff676 - 16/08/2009 04:31 - Canada

Today, I was working at the theater as an Usher. A man comes up to me and gives me his ticket. At the same time, he takes a sip of water and suddenly felt the need to sneeze. The water came out from his nose and landed all over my face. I was covered with his mucus and had to wish him a good movie. FML
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ifyouseekamy666 0

it's still ewwy, props on keeping ur composure tho op I wpulda been rude or crying and panicking. I don't exactly like germs very much Dx grammar nazis: don't go off on me about grammar my iPod doesn't capitilize on here sorry.

FYL, that's disgusting. :/ I hope he at least said he was sorry!

I hate all these people that just sneeze out into the open wherever they please. I'm surprised you didn't retaliate to the groin or anything OP. FYL

lendmeyourteeth 0

ew did he apologize wash your face

I'm glad you caught that, too. When I had that job, I didn't capitalize it.

Thank you! I was just coming here to say more or less exactly that.

Did you wish him a good movie?! You better had! >:O

thats ewwww grossss lol but so funny as well