By Anonymous - 29/12/2014 19:11 - United States - Hillsboro

Today, while putting a water bottle into the fridge, I suddenly had to sneeze. The force of my sneezing propelled my head against the open fridge door, causing a gushing wound to my forehead. Bless me. FML
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And I thought my sneezes were dangerous

Gesundheit, while you're by the fridge you might as well make yourself an ice pack.


Jesus Christ, that must've sucked.

Yeah, that's why they made it into an FML

bless you haha

And I thought my sneezes were dangerous

Just don't try to tickle OP's nose.

I once rear-ended a car because I sneezed....

One of my biggest fears is sneezing whilst driving

I hope I never do what #43 did...

tantanpanda 26

if it ever happens #48, just move your foot over the brake pedal before sneezing. Better to accidentally floor the brake pedal than floor the gas pedal.

I was stopped at a stoplight on a fairly steep downward slope (damn San Francisco). When I sneezed, my foot came off the brake and I hit the car in front of me. Luckily I didn't hit the gas, and there was almost no damage, but man, driving during allergy season can be dangerous.

Am I the only one not understanding what this means? *prepares for a burial under the downvotes*

It's another way to say bless you


It's German for "Bless you"

It's German meaning "Health" but is looked at as "Bless you"

Gesundheit, while you're by the fridge you might as well make yourself an ice pack.


Ouch, that made my head hurt. Bless you!

If you're trying to say it in Spanish its salude but you were probably autocorrected

Yeah the way #7 said it makes it hello in Italian, so salut!

same happened to me, OP! yesterday. Twice.

Well that will be quite a story to tell

I thought that only happened in cartoons lmao. Gesundheit, OP

lexiieeex3 32

What kind of cartoons are you watching...

Happy tree friends