By Anonymous - 14/02/2010 19:06 - United Kingdom

Today, I was in the shower getting ready for a date, when my older sister thought it would be a laugh to turn out the light. Getting out of the shower to turn it back on, I slipped and hit on my head on the counter. Thanks, sis. FML
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I hope you got her back.

Why are you on FML and not kicking her ass?


I hope you got her back.

Averizzle 0

While she is sleeping you should stick a cucumber covered in fire ants, in her vagina. O_o

Just don't forget the camcorder!

HeresReality 0

averizzle, your a sick bastard. that's a creepy nasty sadistic fantasy

MadaZer0 8

That would be funny however :P

YDI for having a stupid sister.

OmgGuessWhatChic 0

dont forget some glue/quick drying cement

lol 16, I think that would be quite funny to watch, she deserves it tho

apparently snickerdoodle (kriptonite) has had gingervitus her whole life, even as a baby

tab13 0

I like that idea #11

murder her..... or a little less extreme, shave her eyebrows in her sleep

myman47 0

u should eat her out;)

spidergirl41 0

Get her back? That would make you just as bad as her! And azz, that's a little much. She didn't push her sister down and do that, she just turned the light off. Sure it wasn't okay, but holy crap! YOU'RE the idiot who slipped.

that's sick, azzi lol

YeahFMLxX 0

YEAH tie her to the radiator and make her take "the stranger" that'll make her never want to look you in the eye again!

myman47 0

u should stuff a live lobster up her vag. then a hornets nest. then shave her head and break her arms while she is tied up. then put it on YouTube. happy valentines day ;)

YDI for not having a win sense of humor like your sister.

2day my bitchy sister wrote an fml about me. fml. [email protected]@@@@

hahaha ya shave her eyebrows!

WTF @ all the sick and twisted comments

wtf my man?!?!??!?!

ro2 0

looool man

armadilloz 0

slap the bitch with ur dates cock

coolster56 0

wow you hit your head no-one cares

then take a shit on her that's what I do to my girlfriend if she gets out if line

#16: welcome to the internet, clearly you haven't been here long.

wow u have a reallygreat sister

ImRawrtastic 0

lol I wish I had a sis lyk that..

YeahFMLxX 0

your kinda hot D: !

your beautiful!

lonewolfxxx 0

I'm sure she gets that a lot. therefore, whenever you say it, it will not get you any closer to hooking up with her. but wth, you're cute. Just saying.

Almostskater22 0

haha all of the above :)

iRawrrrx33 0

I'd slap her :)

greeneyedgoalie7 0

arse? 0.o bahaha

ImRawrtastic 0

lol bech slap

bitch slap her for that

take a dump on her that's what I do to keep my girl in line

slap a ho!!!

get karma and bitch slap that ho!

Why are you on FML and not kicking her ass?

good point. go get her ! have a compter in your bath room?

there's a fml app on iPhone/iPod touch.

So... You think she fell, hit her head and went on FML the next second? You really didn't consider her doing it a bit later or even another day?

forrealkhallil 0

haha that sucks. ur sisters a dick

well said my friend. Well said.

mponce12 0

I want a bj

ShallowWerewolf 0


don't we all?

YeahFMLxX 0

thankyou #49 you indeed put it into perspective: all girl are dicks bro.