By Anonymous - 14/02/2010 19:06 - United Kingdom

Today, I was in the shower getting ready for a date, when my older sister thought it would be a laugh to turn out the light. Getting out of the shower to turn it back on, I slipped and hit on my head on the counter. Thanks, sis. FML
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While she is sleeping you should stick a cucumber covered in fire ants, in her ******. O_o

HeresReality 0

averizzle, your a sick bastard. that's a creepy nasty sadistic fantasy

MadaZer0 8

That would be funny however :P

OmgGuessWhatChic 0

dont forget some glue/quick drying cement

lol 16, I think that would be quite funny to watch, she deserves it tho

apparently snickerdoodle (kriptonite) has had gingervitus her whole life, even as a baby

murder her..... or a little less extreme, shave her eyebrows in her sleep

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Get her back? That would make you just as bad as her! And azz, that's a little much. She didn't push her sister down and do that, she just turned the light off. Sure it wasn't okay, but holy crap! YOU'RE the idiot who slipped.

YeahFMLxX 0

YEAH tie her to the radiator and make her take "the stranger" that'll make her never want to look you in the eye again!

myman47 0

u should stuff a live lobster up her vag. then a hornets nest. then shave her head and break her arms while she is tied up. then put it on YouTube. happy valentines day ;)

YDI for not having a win sense of humor like your sister.

2day my bitchy sister wrote an fml about me. fml. JEW@@@@@

WTF @ all the sick and twisted comments

armadilloz 0

slap the bitch with ur dates ****

coolster56 0

wow you hit your head no-one cares

then take a shit on her that's what I do to my girlfriend if she gets out if line

#16: welcome to the internet, clearly you haven't been here long.

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lol I wish I had a sis lyk that..

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I'm sure she gets that a lot. therefore, whenever you say it, it will not get you any closer to hooking up with her. but wth, you're cute. Just saying.

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take a dump on her that's what I do to keep my girl in line have a compter in your bath room?

there's a fml app on iPhone/iPod touch.

So... You think she fell, hit her head and went on FML the next second? You really didn't consider her doing it a bit later or even another day?

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haha that sucks. ur sisters a dick

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thankyou #49 you indeed put it into perspective: all girl are dicks bro.