By lordtimbit - 15/03/2015 15:01 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I fell in the shower and knocked myself out. When I came to I turned off the water and called my mom. She seemed more worried about the amount of water I "wasted" than she was about me. FML
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Remind her that paying for a little more water is better than paying hospital bills for head trauma.

Damn op, that's a slippery situation!


Sounds like your mom has her priorities straight

Wow, 20 seconds after posting and I already have a dislike

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I wasn't going to dislike your comment until you made your second comment. So I disliked both!

The Fml community is a harsh mistress

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Your mother sounds like a bitch.

This SO shouldn't have negative votes...

Tell her you'll pee in the shower from now on to save water from not flushing the toilet.

Should have turned the water off. You are so wasteful

Never mind, I detected the sarcasm, even if most others didn't.

Keep sarcasm to the real world. It doesn't really translate well in text.

Remind her that paying for a little more water is better than paying hospital bills for head trauma.

We don't even live in the same house. She doesn't pay my bills ?

29, so wait, are you the OP? Edit: just saw your "I'm the OP" comment.

Yes haha. And I didn't mean to put the question mark, it was suppose to be a smiley face.

Calgary's hydro rate is crazy expensive- medical is completely free

You don't live in the same house but you called your mum right after because you knocked your head? That seems a bit strange to me. It doesn't seem news worthy of a phone call to me. From the FML it sounded like you called as in yelled from the bathroom.

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If you actually knock yourself unconscious, you should see a doctor. And you should probably get someone else to drive you there. There could be serious brain damage.

@75 maybe her mom was in house while she was showering, therefore her calling could be from the bathroom instead of through the phone :)

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It says she lives in Canada. We don't get hospital bills here. The mom sounds like a bitch though, her daughter's safety should come first.

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That's really quite terrible... You could've been dead or something... I'm sorry your mother is like that, maybe tell her to be a bit more considerate when it comes to you being knocked out...

We should gather all the FML mothers in one place so they can collect their mothers of the year awards

City water ain't cheap, she knows that you'll heal haha