By Becckzfizz - 20/6/2013 14:10 - United Kingdom - Nottingham
Today, I left hospital after a three-night stay. Whilst waiting for my taxi to arrive, my mother called me in hysterics wanting to know where I was, because the police had called her and told her I had gone missing. Turns out my doctor "forgot" to tell anyone that I was discharged. FML
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Hello, I wrote this, Yes I'm in England. I'd text my mum to let her know that I was on my way home, she'd replied and all was well. Next thing I know she's ringing me again thinking that I've done a runner from the hospital. The doctor had discharged me and signed all of my forms, though the nurses on duty had not been notified of this and immediately called the police to report me as a missing person (even though I was waiting for my taxi in the hospital entrance), the police then contacted my emergency contact (my mum) and then she called me. I understand that it wasn't the Doctors fault, it was just a clerical error. All clear?
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  CharresBarkrey  |  15

1 - You spelled "Anonymous" wrong in your username. I weep for the future humanity.

And 19 - Nurses can't discharge patients, only doctors can. Nurses can do the paperwork with the patient, but they almost never do. They have specific employees for that.

  djxerxes9000  |  18

41) also depends on country. I discharged myself from my appendicectomy(spelling???). Nurse brought me the papers to sign, waited 5hrs for a Dr to discharge me and got sick of waiting. So nurse's and patients can discharge themselves, here anyway.

  niallo  |  23

41. I am a nurse. I have discharged Many patients. The Doctor only has to write the orders (or give me the orders over the phone and I'll write it) and ill do the rest.
A Doctor may tell a patient that they are discharged, but actually discharging them is MY job.

  MrConcise  |  34

At the same time, consider how busy and negative that environment can get. I was going to say I'm not excusing the mistake, but I kind of am. I'm sure the doctor had other legitimate concerns that took precedence, this isn't Grey's Anatomy.

  lulubelles  |  33

It is where I live 38, I would say I went to hospital, just like I would say I went to school, not the school. However we would never say 'I went hospital'. That's why it sounds wrong

  lennelleong  |  33

He has a loving mom, a prompt & attentive police force (and probably insurance as well - since no mention is made of an exorbitant hospital bill) - OP is a lucky man! So i voted - he deserved it.