Where is it?

By beezybees - 20/02/2010 01:54 - United States

Today, I lost the beautiful necklace my boyfriend gave me for Valentine's day. I looked everywhere, and couldn't find it. My sister held the bag while I dug through the stinking trash, then after I cleaned everything up, took it out of her pocket and said she was pretending it was lost. FML
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Put her in the trash and pretend she's lost when your parents ask you where she is.


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Dip her toothbrush in the trash bin next time. :D

Nah. Filter some flour into the sisters hairdryer. Just wait for the screams next time she takes a shower ;D

Why would the necklace have been in the trash? It would never have occurred to me to look there. The sister might be jealous or OP could've been overly full of herself prompting the sister to want to take her down a peg. Whatever the motive, it was damn funny. Of course you know this means war.

i'm surprised when I moderated this I expected to see a ton of "kill your sister she's a bitch" comments.... now what the OP could do is plant drugs on her. or give her a high five.

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oh **** no I woulda punched her

I say a) Put nair on the shampoo (old fashioned trick) b) Use the toothbrush to clean the toilet

Maybe in the trash because someone thought it was trash and threw it away

Put her in the trash and pretend she's lost when your parents ask you where she is.

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way I see it your all running before you can walk as you don't no if she did summut to the sister

i say put her in the trash after that. and after that, say: Owned b**ch!!

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Exactly, Ankfurth. Headfirst.

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in fact the fastest sperm isn't the one fertilizing the egg. It takes several sperms to dig through the shell

how rude.. your sister sounds like a jerk.

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Ok, annoying army-hat-wearing, fake-tanned, peace-sign-flashing girl, quit posting the same stupid comments multiple times. Thanks.

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shut the **** up. at least she has a picture. leave her alone I did the same thing because my comment didn't show up but then both of them showed up later

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Now any human being with a chromosome count in the ball park of 23 would have been able to figure out that that was a site glitch and she wasnt actually posting multiple times. But I guess bridget is just EXTRA special.

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hah. Did you seriously just say a Japanese girl has a fake tan? Extra special indeed.

I agree that the chick was retarded but I'm not feeling the Japanese there.

whoa, that negativity came out of nowhere. The sister is a jerk, especially if the necklace meant so much to her in the first place.

Your sister was jealous and wanted it...not FML but poor sister...LOL

how rude.. your sister sounds like a jerk.

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Necklaces work wonders for strangling someone. Just sayin'. Maybe MadaZer0 will be interested in raping your sister's dead corpse -_-

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Hey!!!!.... I only touch it if it's within one hour after it's death... Otherwise I'd be pretty much ******* a bag full of play-doh....

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lmao wow... the comments here are funnier than the fml's!! lol