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Yeah! Honey badger don't care. He'll kill all of them. Then he'll go eat a cobra!
Don't know what that means? Go to youtube, type in 'the crazy nastyass honey badger' it's the one that says, (original narration done by Randall)

  SephoraGypsy  |  15

Anything with wings, in my opinion are terrifying as all fuck. Lizards are cool, not creepy at all. Put wings on them, you've got child killing, village destroying dragons.

Sharks. Stay out of the water, you're pretty sweet. Sharks with wings, the world becomes an apocalyptic abattoir, scattered with human remains.

Roaches + wings = GTFO of there.

By  cmyk  |  19

How often do you prople who work there clean?! Once a year?! Thats just grim -.-
Makes me wonder where you work where you're allowing it to go so far..