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Today, there was a mandatory staff-wide "cleaning party" for a corporate inspection. I was assigned the outside bar which is infested with full-grown roaches with wings. FML
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The roaches must have been from the luggage.

OMG. I'd die. Cockroaches creep me the **** out! FYL!


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the the dog is just trying to stay active and healthy so it can fit into it's desk at school

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Yeah! Honey badger don't care. He'll kill all of them. Then he'll go eat a cobra! Don't know what that means? Go to youtube, type in 'the crazy nastyass honey badger' it's the one that says, (original narration done by Randall)

OMG. I'd die. Cockroaches creep me the **** out! FYL!

Yeah, I'd of run back inside having a panic attack, trying to trade two jobs just to pawn off that one

You just ruined a long thread of everybody's version of OP that happens every time somebody asks what it means.

#58 I don't care. I don't play little games and make up other things that OP could stand for. It's childish.

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It means "original poster" :)

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It means opaque penis.... Pft, 'original poster' that doesn't even make sense! (and this one is for the laughs~)

That sounds completely terrifying, I'm sorry.

Anything with wings, in my opinion are terrifying as all ****. Lizards are cool, not creepy at all. Put wings on them, you've got child killing, village destroying dragons. Sharks. Stay out of the water, you're pretty sweet. Sharks with wings, the world becomes an apocalyptic abattoir, scattered with human remains. Roaches + wings = GTFO of there.

31: You just made my day with that ;D haha

Go show those cockroaches who's boss!! just be like "come at me bro!"

Clearly OP is not boss because if he were, he would not have assigned himself to clean the outside bar

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Don't know if trolling or just slow... ^

The roaches must have been from the luggage.

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why would you quit over that? so just because of a few bugs you will just stop getting paid because you quit?!?!

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20- she's 16. Of course she won't understand how difficult it is to get a job these days.

FYL I would have quit that's too scary lol you're a trooper if you did it :)

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Not much of a "cleaning party", huh? You can gather them in one spot by throwing food on the ground and squash them. Then you start cleaning.

If you step on roaches, they multiply ten fold

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Actually it was original, and it was slightly humorous.

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21- HEY! Her comments often make my day! Leave her alone!

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I make someone's day! :D Hope you have an awesome day today! Edit: and to you bran flakes... Corn flakes are way better!

How often do you prople who work there clean?! Once a year?! Thats just grim -.- Makes me wonder where you work where you're allowing it to go so far..

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Hope it wasn't a fast-food place