By Iskylite - United States - Spring
Today, I found out I do not have a fast metabolism, I've actually had a tape worm living inside me for 3 years. FML
Iskylite tells us more :
the doctor said it could've lived inside me for 30 years. I'm glad they got it out :) and yes I'm feeling much better :)
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By  narkill  |  13

Hopefully you won't get another one for tape

  \  |  28

Pray to the Lord that that thing hasn't found your brain.

  \  |  28

Um, the worm.

  DustyStorm  |  16

Glad you're on the mend! My friends and family are appalled that I can eat the way I do and still look the way I do...I've mentioned that I'm a triathlete, they've mentioned tapeworms. Now I'm kinda worried. Did you feel like you had something in there? Did you have any other symptoms? Thank you for your share because I really hadn't considered a tapeworm...

  Iskylite  |  6

As I am a very active person also. I think me working out a lot took my mind off it. that is, until I've started feeling sick and had very bad symptoms. what had me knowing is that when I went to the restroom it was more like a liquid (diahria) and could see the eggs. so I got help immediately now my stomach feels a lot better and there's no more pressure.

  tommylover842  |  23

That's a fun conversation starter for future girlfriends "Hey what's that?" "Oh that's just the worm i had in me for 3 years" Cue screaming girl running out the front door.

  J_Jay98  |  21

It actually probably wasn't the eggs you were seeing if you say it in your poop. Those I believe are only visible under a microscope. You were seeing the tapeworm proglatid. Or a segment of the tapeworm. It's creepy and gross. Congrats on your trophy though. That's one hell of a story.

By  woainishamu  |  21

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#4 Tape worms can eventually kill you if they are not removed. Because they steal all the healthy nutrients from your food and leave you just barely enough to function. People used to end up dying from malnourishment. At one time tapeworms were considered a dietary cure, but not anymore. So OP needs to (if he hasn't already) get it cut out.

By  ninad7  |  12

pinworms too?