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Today, my boss fired me for acting "inappropriately" at work. I gave him a hug. He's my dad. FML
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Gonna be an awkward dinner later lol


wlddog 14

Angry drunk dad strikes again

Just think of what it was like growing up with him. "Oh you're building a snow angel? Move your arms up, higher, HIGHER, now your feet lower, are not having fun right?"

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Op was saved the trouble before Father's Day

I voted YDI because I think there was a legitimate reason you got fired, and you're just mad because you think the fact that you work for your dad means you can do whatever you want and not face the consequences. If you had said why beyond just "acting inappropriate" I might believe it wasn't your fault, but odds are you don't want to say what you actually did. If you work for your dad or any other family member you should not be entitled to special treatment just because of that. He's your dad outside of the job, but during work hours he is your boss.

I dunno why you're being thumbed down, this makes a lot of sense.

to be fair, it can be seen as inappropriate. as 111 said, when you're at work he's your boss first and your dad second. however, i think firing was a bit extreme unless it wasn't your first offence

But it may not have been. Again, the OP is being pretty vague, so I think it's highly likely she's not telling the whole story. Oh and people are voting me down because they're people who think they should get special treatment at work no doubt.

revan546 24

Gonna be an awkward dinner later lol

While you're home your dad will be like, "so, where's my hug son?"

That possible quote from the dad would explain a lot. The father wanted a son, but got a daughter instead.

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Anyone else notice the spelling fail?

Wow I did not notice that until you pointed it out!

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Thats Stupid! I hug my dad all the time,i dont care were we are!

lol you are so naive. At work the dad is her boss, not her father. She isn't telling the whole story here, and if she was acting inappropriate her boss wasn't wrong to fire her, father or not. If you choose to work for a family member (which I think more often than not is a bad idea), you can't just expect them to give you special treatment and let you do whatever the hell you want. You're there to do a job just like every other employee, so you should be treated like every other employee.

Maybe keep hugs to the home, other employees may feel uncomfortable if you're acting that way with their boss. Unprofessional, yes. Worth being fired for? I don't think so. FYL.

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That OP would be the only one that could do that. The other workers trying to hug their boss might be scrutinized in a negative way.

I worked for my dad for several years, and we're currently business partners. During all this he's never stopped being my dad. Your relationship with your dad is going to be different than the other employees.

I agree that you never want any of that, but it's not like OP asked for a raise because daddy's the boss. OP just gave him a hug. I don't think that qualifies as nepotism. Unless all the employees want hugs too. Lol

Maybe he wants to keep work and personal lives separate.

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Freshpie, I always enjoy your comments.

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asking for cash now you don't have a job

What??? You can't tell me you looked at your comment and were like "Yes! This is ready! I'm going to post!"....

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