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By  Finch69  |  0

I used to work at a dog grooming place and we would put a tree up every year. My boss finally changed it to a fake tree since the dogs would use it as a toilet...but with the fake tree, we never had any troubles since there was no scent.

  Back_In_Action  |  18

Yeah, really. Urine has a very distinct smell. Also, wouldn't the dog realize the tree is fake from the lack of scent? Darwinism will take care of this dog and the OP.

By  Tamara2011  |  0

haha well either your dumb because it took 2 weeks for you to realize or your dog just outsmarted you either way that sucks and good luck getting rid of the smell someones gonna need a new tree :)


We have a 3 year old potty trained dog but each Christmas, without fail, she will go to the bathroom under the tree from the day we put it up until the day we take it down.

something about those trees makes them think they're outside or something