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Today, my dad finally told me why he never paid child support to my mom when he was supposed to for the last ten years. His reason? Because I'm a girl and I wasn't that important. FML
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Tell your dad the following: "So are you saying you prefer males to females?!?!?! Wait a second... oh, now it makes sense! No wonder you left mom; you don't like women! Well I wish you and your life partner the best of luck. Remember, you have to go to Massachusetts to get married!" If your dad is a homophobe, which I bet he is, then this should work. BTW sorry if I forgot that gays can get married in Connecticut (if they can). I don't follow East Coast news.


YDI for being a girl, and having a dad, and causing your parents to split up.

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Wah Wah Wah. Boo-hoo. Your dad doesn't like you because your a girl. Get over it. You can't change his mind.

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Shut up, 21. Quit your bitching.

#21.- Stop bitching & shut up. Yes? Yes. You try being a girl with all those sexist dickheads out there.

21's right that the OP should move on.. What you were born as is a bit beyond your control....:(

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That's kind of dumb for him to say that, he banged a girl to have you?

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Lulz 4 tha hardcore Trullzzz :D

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21, shut the hell up! You don't know how things like that can effect a girl's attitude tiwards guy's. I hate sexist jerks like you.

He wasn't being all that sexist though. He was saying what the FML was, and for the OP to get over it. He said it harshly, bu that's all he said. It's the FML itself that's sexist.

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Ya, I just meant to say the truth. Her dad doesnt accept her for who she is and no matter how hard she tries, she probably won't change his mind, so she needs to just accept it and move on.

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I love the way women complain about the sexist people. You folks are NOT a minority, and you act like there are less of you. you could start your own businesses and what not, but no, cause sexists bring you down. If you wanna whine about it, just try to put the shoe on the other foot.

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I'm just waiting for the Nazis...

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# 63 nobody is attacking the gays for buttsex calm down big boy.

Remember- those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter. =D

I'm waiting for the Nazis and the kitchen/sandwich jokes. OP your dad is a dick. I'm sorry you had to hear that from him. Just realize he isn't worth the air he breathes and move on. Oh and fellow men (probably more appropriately boys) women do deal with sexism way more than we do and don't act like you don't know this.

OP if he thinks that girls aren't important then you should have told that jerk that he should have just kept his dick to himself knowing his child could be a girl. what an ass -.-

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Yes #30, that makes total sense, sexism ONLY affects women. Men don't ever face sexism. Your statement reeks of sexism.

You know what, 30? You're right. Women are all angelic creatures, who must be treated with perfection, by the evil, evil males, whose only goals in life are ******* girls and bringing them emotional suffering. How will these princesses, God's finest creation, who have never done any wrong or hate in the world, ever get the superiority that they finally deserve? **** off, I seriously hate people like you, who think you're the victims to EVERYTHING. Both men and women are sexist. Who the **** do you think you are?

I've met far more blatantly sexist women than I have men, particularly among the younger generations. True anti-male sexism seems much more accepted in Western culture than anti-female sexism, when taken on an individual basis. On a wider basis, it's difficult to compare the two. Yes, women still make less than men and the media often objectifies women, but they unfairly stereotype the average man as well (eg, the crappy male role models on so many "big hit" TV shows). Gender equality is, IMO, like world peace: something we should always be striving for, without an expectation of actually reaching it. Disclaimer: I'm only considering my IRL experiences, because I consider sexism to be evidenced moreso by a lifestyle and overall worldview than by jokes and isolated comments, which is all you get to see online.

IrishJaneDoe - Ok, although in a earlier comment I just posted (further down) I said men exhibit more blatant sexism, reading your comment I feel maybe I should have reworded it. In other words, I believe women get the shittier end of the stick when it comes to sexism, due to the underlying sexist values deeply embedded in our culture. But this is definitely not a denial of sexism directed towards men, and it's also not a statement devaluing the constricting definition of masculinity and other things that fit alongside this category. Women have always had a harder time with sexism, having to fight for the right to vote is one rudimentary example, and although lots of positive changes have been made to one day reach gender equality, it is still definitely not here yet. Sexism effects everybody and by saying men exhibit blatant sexism I was making a generalization which is usually not a good thing. And it's true, there are alot of females that exhibit blatant sexism, but I wouldn't say that more females do it then males, (or vice versa.)

I like how we had to fight to vote yet now a days you can't get anyone to vote on things other than presidents.

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it's okay he doesn't love you. but the court will make him pay or go to jail. If your dumb mom reports it. Maybe he thought you weren't important because your mom is stupid and you were too for not reporting it the first year!

When I read this I figured you lived in China.

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Yes because a baby can report that you idiot.


tell him to go finger himself.what an ass-hat

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Ass-Hat? That's a new one for me... haha..

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that's more of a fml 'wish I was never born' situation ouch.

Find some new material, that one is getting really old.

It was never new, or remotely funny. Sexism shouldn't be funny, ever. & no one had better tell me to "get a sense of humour." Sexist jokes have just never been funny.

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Actually, there was a time when that was new. Pffft, women.

nope they're not funny. more like a stupid and obvious display of repressed anger towards women and the advancements made in the women's rights movement.

I like that guys keep saying "get back in the kitchen" as if that's our place. However, if you look through the comments, it's usually women saying the more intelligent things. Just thought I'd point that out...

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that's because women have nothing better to do. Men are out busy being important having a name upon the world. You should try it

68 is definitely correct and 71's moronic comment just proves it further.

@68 - I'd just like to point out that I have never said that once in my life. Of all 20 years, if it's worth anything.

zakkyzebra 11

and 74 proves mine. Goodbye insipid world!

Well Geiko, then you're one of the cool guys out there :) Thank you for showing ewual respect to both genders @ zakky- if you are checking back and commenting more you must not actually have something important to do. You completely contradicted yourself. Good job.

Yeah those cool guys out there and don't gender stereotype and have an open mind in general, and are respectful towards women... well they just rule that's all.

People need to calm down. Yes, there are sexist guys, but there are also sexist girls. It works both ways. The reason that the 'sammich' jokes (and related ones) are all over the place is because the internet brings out the worst in a lot of people because they know there are no consequences, people don't view it the same way they view real life. Also, it's not just the girls who have intelligent comments on here. There are also guys that have intelligent comments. Generalisations tend to fall down because they aren't true.

People need to calm down. Yes, there are sexist guys, but there are also sexist girls. It works both ways. The reason that the 'sammich' jokes (and related ones) are all over the place is because the internet brings out the worst in a lot of people because they know there are no consequences, people don't view it the same way they view real life. Also, it's not just the girls who have intelligent comments on here. There are also guys that have intelligent comments. Generalisations tend to fall down because they aren't true.

I do apologise for the repeated post(s), my internet cocked up epically. Moderators, please feel free to delete the repeat ones. :)

Citrus - Well, I'm not trying to gloat or anything to make myself look better, but yeah. I don't sit there and stereotype genders. I look at both genders as equal, and usually get irritated when people think differently. Don't really think I'm cool or anything. Maybe I'm being modest, iunno.

Fair enough, CitrusGirl. I think reading some of the other comments numbed my brain.

sky, countering sexism with racism pretty much defeats any valid points you minght make. = Learn a little something about Islam before you use it as a defense for your opinions.

Cinn - I never said sexism is constricted to males. I'm aware that both sexes enforce gender roles and stereotypes and our culture as a whole reinforces sexism along with racism classism and homophobia etc etc but I won't get into any of those. The reason I mentioned males exhibiting sexist views is because more often males are blatantly sexist (not always, girls do this too) and because we still live in a society dominated by white males. I know I'll probably get a lot of backlash or rude comments for saying that but it's true. And also by saying that I'm not discrediting all the advances made in woman's rights and civil rights, ok. Anyway my point is i wasn't trying to be sexist myself. Females definitely uphold sexism as well

Actually, MsBrainDamage, my comment wasn't aimed at anyone specifically, it just seemed like an argument was brewing, and I was trying to intervene. Mainly because I smelt a couple of trolls.

ZakkyZebra - what are you, 10? Good luck getting ahead in life with that attitude. Actually, good luck getting laid. You're just a childish boy.

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I like this guy... Women are stupid.... There should be one designated road for women.... From the kitchen to the bedroom.

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Prime example of why honesty is not always the best policy.

women are only good for cooking and sex

FFML_314 11

Wrong. Women are only good for 3 things. -Cooking -Cleaning and -Vaginas!

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Women are stupid and I don't respect them. That's right, I only have sex with them.

FFML_314 11

Knock knock. Who's there? Me, wonderin why you're not naked. Knock knock. Who's there? Me again! Still wonderin why you're not naked.

Schizomaniac 24

My dick is like lightning; it gives girls orgasms. My dick is like an airplane; it gives girls orgasms.

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Schitzo, are you playing Zeus with those lightning bolts?

Schizomaniac 24

38, I was trying to think of something funny to say to that, but I couldn't. I failed. D: 39, are you talking about the BrokeNCYDE song?

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Say... you like big asses because it reminds you of Mt. Olympus.(:

To the people giving thumbs down, they're quoting a song idiots.

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I know how you feel. My dad basically did the same thing to me. Cheer up... life goes on. :)

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I feel bad for you and OP. That's terrible.

is that you in your pic Jillian? or a model? if it is you, you should model!

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Yes that is me and thank you.

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MsBrainDamage, Is that you in your picture? Because if it is, you should wear less makeup.

i'm wearing lip gloss, what a god forbidden sin