By crazystar69 - 09/03/2011 18:19 - United States

Today, I was walking with my crush, and I told him how I felt. As soon as I turned to him, a bird shit on my face. FML
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When people say not to get shit-faced on a first date, this is NOT what they mean.


at least it's good luck ! (:

a bird craping on you is good luck!? Lol

crapping has two p's and shat is the past tense of shit.

It's a sign of love.

protect your face OP!!!!

Even the bird thinks you're full of shit.

Teehee, puns are so amusingly cheesy.

Isn't it meant to be good luck if a bird shits on your head?

84- Yes, that's the just of it.

must have been a shitty conversation

HAHAHA YES!! such a good FML. FYL Indeed. Crap lost the game.

NOOO!! I haven't lost the game in over a year! >_< meanie face

That's foul.

No, that's fowl. haha

rofl... but yeah u spelled fowl wrong so it doesn't quite work

Your picture is beautiful. :) What an adorable child.

97- Foul is spelled correctly for the context. (I don't do many written puns, I wasn't sure which version to go with for the sake of the joke) 103- Thank you.

what'd he say?

FML comments seem to be on the fritz, again.

Lol, the bird strongly disapproves of your feelings. FYL

that made me laugh too many times out loud to myself at work

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit!

dirty face clean it up with jizz

Or a facecloth, they work best

way to ruin it goodies

Way to ruin it, 19.

Lmao maybe the bird thought the guy thought you were ugly and shat on your fayce so he didn't have to look at it xD if so, FYL.