By crazystar69 - 09/03/2011 18:19 - United States

Today, I was walking with my crush, and I told him how I felt. As soon as I turned to him, a bird shit on my face. FML
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When people say not to get shit-faced on a first date, this is NOT what they mean.


a bird craping on you is good luck!? Lol

crapping has two p's and shat is the past tense of shit.

rebekahmarie 0

Even the bird thinks you're full of shit.

pokopiko 9

Teehee, puns are so amusingly cheesy.

Isn't it meant to be good luck if a bird ***** on your head?

randomguy1millon_fml 0

must have been a shitty conversation

blessthefall313 6

HAHAHA YES!! such a good FML. FYL Indeed. Crap lost the game.

NOOO!! I haven't lost the game in over a year! >_< meanie face

rofl... but yeah u spelled fowl wrong so it doesn't quite work

Your picture is beautiful. :) What an adorable child.

ktdad07 0

97- Foul is spelled correctly for the context. (I don't do many written puns, I wasn't sure which version to go with for the sake of the joke) 103- Thank you.

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FML comments seem to be on the fritz, again.

Lol, the bird strongly disapproves of your feelings. FYL

January8 5

that made me laugh too many times out loud to myself at work

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Lmao maybe the bird thought the guy thought you were ugly and shat on your fayce so he didn't have to look at it xD if so, FYL.