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It's the final countdown

Today, I found out my mom has notebooks with lists of everything she has bought for me ever since I was born. Apparently she is going to make me pay her back for all the money she spent on me once I'm an adult. FML
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  herrobear  |  0

Explain to her that as a parent, it was her JOB or RESPONSIBILITY to buy you things, and that she can expect you to spend just as much and be just as loving with your child. However, you will not be making any effort to pay back your mother for meeting the requirements of a parent.

  caaklove  |  0

23-I happen to be a mother and would never tell my son to pay me back for anything. If he borrows money from me after he's an adult, I may consider asking for it back if I needed the money also. But paying for everything for your kid is part of your parental responsibilities. Whether you can get them all that they want or can only afford all that they need, you should be the one to pay for it and only you. (the parent)

  PurpleRae420  |  0

Tell her not to buy you anything anymore what an abusive BITCH!!! So save up and when your 18 get your own apartment but move out while she's at work so you don't have any trouble

  Sacurason  |  0

Unfortunately, she may have been planning to rely on her mother through college. As a matter of fact, I'm sure the mother has at least some threat she's using to get what she wants.

  Sukismama  |  2

41, exactly my thoughts.i never heard of a mother doing this and if 23 thinks that all mothers expect reimbursement then I would hate for my mom to be one of them.


I was going to say, if you ever become wealthy OP, pay her back. Not with money of course, but take those notebooks, and buy her everything she bought you. Diapers, bottles, clothes, video games, etc. Leave them all over her house. She can't complain then.

  barmeywashere  |  0

Wait wait OP, your mother has also forgot a few more parts that you have to pay her back.. All the hours that added up to years that she took care of you, she could have gotten a basically in her mind you owe her millions of dollars.. I feel strongly bad for you and suggest you to explain to her that you will pay her .000001% of what you 'owe' her to go to a therapist or some parenting classes

  Flutist  |  3

I would suggest moving out when you get a chance, taking out a loan and making sure you have your own money and bank account that she has no access to.


Yea, legally she can't do anything. She's required to pay for your living expenses and all that.

So now you can ask her for expensive stuff and just tell her to add it to "your tab" since she thinks you're gonna pay her back.

  cameron194  |  9

146, and then at the end of it all once you've "racked up your bill" and she's asks you to tart giving payments.. Just laugh and walk away, there's nothing so can do lol:p

  Ezri  |  0

Uh, in the US they are - we paid in pennies several times when we visited the US last year, we got them in change and they were accepted (unhappily, but they took them) when we made small purchases.

  B5A7R5B7I5E7  |  1

The US Coinage Act of 1965, which has not yet been superseded by a new coinage act, made ALL US coins (which includes pennies) legal tender. Individual businesses may specify HOW they wish to accept payment- which is how McDonalds and other places can refuse a $100 bill- but that doesn't render the penny as non-legal tender. Further when a debt is agreed upon, such as a car loan, the business must provide you, up front, with their expected payment options- such as refusing to accept pennies, cash, personal checks, etc. Failure to do so could result in the debt being stricken if they refuse to accept legal tender.