By Anonymous - 18/09/2010 14:41 - United Kingdom

Today, I was getting picked up by my dad after I had been swimming. I saw his car, so I walked over to it, got in and started talking about how I'd seen my brother. It wasn't until after I had put my seat belt on that I realized I was talking to a complete stranger. FML
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Don't you always look through the windshield or the window to see if it's your parents' car, or is that just me?


stephanie0613 0

haha yeah i agree FYL, but that was funny :) hahaha .

Tasanasanta 0

How is this an FML? Idiocy is not a FML. It's idiocy. But I admit to doing the same thing. Ha.

Am I the only one who makes sure that the person who is driving is the person I am expecting before getting into the car?

KiddNYC1O 20

43- no, I always look who's behind the wheel... especially to initiate a greeting...

I always check who is driving the car because everyone I know owns very common types of cars. I can't understand why someone wouldn't check before hopping into a car. I'm torn between YDI for not checking and FYL , because that would be embarrassing as hell.

KingDingALing 9

What the hell? Were you getting in the car with your eyes closed, OP?

Tasanasanta 0

52- Wait... Your supposed to get in a car while looking?

KingDingALing 9

Not unless you want to hit your head. Plus, if you want to say hi to whoever is in the car then you're probably going to want to look at that person.

today I was waiting for my son after swimming then some idiot girl got in my car and started telling about how she seen her brother FML

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haha I did the same thing b4 when I was getting picked up from the airport.

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hahaha well at least he didn't kidnap you

zerobahamut03 2

how deliciously awkward! lol also very funny. I've done that before but the car was empty. Same car and doors left open and everything. Didn't realize something was weird til I looked in the back seat and saw a very messy back seat and my mom couldn't open her driver seat with the keys lol.

cucumberfabulous 7

Hahaha Yah My brother did the same thing.. he didn't realize it until he saw us laughing and a stranger in the drivers seat

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I knew b4 I even checked the gender that this was a teenage girl. YDI OP lol

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lol says the dude with the username evil fail child

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At least he didn't call the cops on you.

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jrsgreenfire257 0

Don't you always look through the windshield or the window to see if it's your parents' car, or is that just me?

that's what I was thinking! or at least see the driver out of their peripheral vision when they were sitting! lol

Maybe her father is very average looking. Maybe the guy driving the car looked enough like him.

i always check too, and when Im getting in the car I can see the driver.... maybe op needs glasses...

I do that too, even if the license plate matches

Say brian, how's your neck surgery coming along?

Yeah, I glance inside or quickly read the first few numbers/letters of the plate.

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lol he was probably freaked out

one time when i was little i thought I was sitting on my moms lap but actually it was a stranger FML

One time when I was little my feet got cold at some outdoor concert thing so i stuck them under the fat guy in front of me's ass.

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Wow, Don't you ever look at your parents?