By Victor - 09/09/2009 12:32 - United States

Today, I fell asleep in my last period class. When I woke up my teacher said "you missed your bus". I grabbed all my stuff and ran out the room. My class mates were standing outside the class laughing. We still had an hour left in class. FML
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What's the big deal? It's not like you actually did miss the bus. No FML.

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Yeah, and the OP caught up on some sleep.

op should have ran out of the class and not come back

lol dude my teacher tried this something like this once this as was like pretending to be leaving to go home, was my exact words "ill lock the door when i leave" and went back to sleep

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This reminds me of a similar situation I had. A kid was sleeping in class so we all went outside the class and before leaving we changed the school clock to say the school has been over for 1 hour. We then got a different teacher to come in and wake him up asking what he was still doing in school. It worked well for about ten seconds until he looked at his phone.

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Im not sure what 93 is trying to say...

How old are you that your teacher knows if your missed your bus? Grade school?

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there are buses in high school for those who aren't old enough to drive yet or maybe just can't afford a car. you dont have to be in grade school to take a bus.

The OP might be in high school and the teacher might know that the OP takes the bus home, and if all the buses are already gone, than obviously they missed the bus.

well buses usually leave like 10 minutes after the bell rings so its possible. and what if he doesn't own a car?

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most kids take the bus home in high school, and if that class was the last one, there is a very plausible chance that he missed the bus... BTW props to your teacher that's ******* hilarious!!! XD

uhmm i take the bus and im a sen10r in high school...

I'm in high school and most of us catch the bus, and some buses leave super early, once the bell rings you have to pack up quickly because the bus leaves in about 5 minutes.

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Agreed, my history teacher is the same way and I find it ******* hilarious! He might put bobble heads around you so you wake up confused, he might tape a sign to your back, scream really loudly, slam a book down etc :) I can't wait untill someone falls asleep!

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This isn't much of an FML. It's more of a whocares. :/

Haha, That'll teach you to skimp on the coffee after lunch. Or the crystal meth.

i guess i was lucky enough to be in a high school where we were offered complimentary crystal meth with our lunch. but coffee is bad for your health.

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Wha - well that's just not fair! The free LSD didn't perk us up, it just made us think the pencils were rattlesnakes during the SATs.

#1: I think the point was that they will have to deal with the taunts of the school because they were tricked by a teacher.

Yeah, no kidding. And high school students are cruel about EVERYTHING.

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That is great ! I bet you stay awake now.

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