By sucks4me - 18/06/2011 04:45 - United States

Today, I got in my sister's car outside the movie theater and started talking about the movie. When I realized she wasn't saying anything, I looked up to see my ex-boyfriend sitting in the drivers seat. I got in the wrong car. FML
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haha YDI for not paying attention... be a good citizen next time OP!

FYL because your ex used his magic powers to lure you into an awkward trap in which the car was unlocked. Then secretly video tape all that happened. To bad he failed and you just screamed, pepper sprayed him, and ran.

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She lives in Kentucky. Awesome sauce.

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I feel sorry for the guy, he's just chillaxin in his then you barge in talking random stuff to him . . . but it's kinda his fault for not saying anything at the first place. I would've said hello or something.

I hope you left a fart inside as you got out of the car

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atleest it was someone you know and not a complete stranger

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She's in Kentucky. It's very likely that she would run into her cousin. -I'm allowed to make fun of Kentuckians because I live there.

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I hope the OP's brother doesn't already have dibs on her. I'd tap that. -I'm a Kentuckian as well. :3

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yeah lol imagine the convo that came after

just an awkward look at each other and then op got out and walked away... that's what I would do

LOL I did that before. My gram parked across some old lady and when I got out of the store I opened her door got in, closed it and asked her a question. She didn't respond to I looked over to see this white old lady smiling at me :s.

YDI should have said something clear er to cover it up.

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Should have paid attention to what car you got in, or what people it has in it maybe? Even if it's the same type of car, you can see the people, even through tinted windows. And you didn't even look at the driver when getting into the car? Sorry for that rant, anyways YDI op. -.-

Yes but what if she went into one of those free candy vans! I hear their quite pleasant, I mean hell free candy!? Those people are the kind of people that let me still have faith in us humans!

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27, your anti-kidnapping school programs have taught you well.

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27, good point...but does that mean op's ex likes picking up little girls/boys?

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27, good point...but does that mean op's ex likes picking up little girls/boys?

Well in my experience the people that drive those vans are 40+ and have free candy on the side of their van, so if all of these come together I say the OP would be about 11. And trust me from experience, their really isn't any candy, just a lot of beer and memories!

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That sounds fun! Where do I go to find said vans?

well there is the possibility that she and her ex had just broken up. in this case OP may have just subconciously walked to his car without actuall being aware of it. She obvously would have gotten into his car many times before before so the action would be the most familiar. If its a small town the chances of this happening are pretty decent...

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64, didn't think of that, good point :)

Look for them around schools, patrolling parks, ice cream vans ect. the best ones have more than 2 people in them and is white.

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Don't forget the tinted windows on the van. (:

Well, the tinted windows depend on the level of bribery in the local police system, as I have had experience with.

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I will sadly agree with you, I too am blond and would do something like that.

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I would have to agree. lol. I am a blonde as well, and I would do something like that...

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hey dont disrespect the blondes :/

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At least it wasn't a stranger's car?

I think a stranger's car would at least be funny to talk about later... You're ex's, not so much.

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...And then the awkwardness hit like GODZIRRA

# 72 godzirra is what the blonde reporter in the movie first called it

Tell him: oh sorry I thought you were my [current] boyfriend but I realized you weren't as soon as I saw you [small] dick

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What with the [ ] things? Am I left out of something?

I'm guessing she's using them like italics to add a certain emphasis to saying them. Although caps can CERTAINLY have the same effectiveness...

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39, when I read that I made the CERTAINLY louder in my head naturally. (:

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if it was actually small she couldn't see it, so say I realized that it was you with your small dick because I can't even see it