By Aaron - 01/12/2011 22:00

Today, my house was broken into. How? My mom left a key under a flower pot on the porch. She also left a note on the door saying so. He stole all of my guitars. FML
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Your mom's not the brightest bulb, is she?

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Sorry, 19. We're all working our hardest over here to please you.


Your mom's not the brightest bulb, is she?

hey who said the rober is a "he"?! I as a dude ferl slightly offended, thus I'll make a sexist joke to compensate; Why was your mother out of the kitchen anyway?

He stole all my guitars? Surely this isn't referring to the burglar!

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Hamburgler has raised his game from hamburgers to guitars in an effort to support his heroin addiction

Her mother is to smart like how a bowling ball is to a scalpel.

#17 how are you so ******* socially inept?

Uhm... Actually. That's what 17 is referring to. If OP had caught the robber this wouldnt be an FML, therefore saying "HE stole all my guitars." was OP assuming the robber was male. Just to shed some light on the dark recesses of your brain that control the "reading comprehension" functions.

You are an ass, #17. OP made a direct comment that the robber was a man. Go back to school. Your grammar needs to be worked on.

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Note: "house key under flower pot, guitars downstairs, passcode to safe 31-45-12, see you soon honey" Burglar: "**** yeah" What a smart idea, right?

I didn't see anything wrong with it till i read these comments! haha

Rob your mother of her happiness and freedom by putting her in an old folks home as soon as possible.

What makes me think I was trying to make you laugh? I'm in an Anti-Joke Chicken mood right now.

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Sorry, 19. We're all working our hardest over here to please you.

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I bet it was really Op mom who stole the guitars, why you ask. So she can beat keyman and stro(and damn glad I haven't seen that fool comment in a lomg time) over the head with them for being a jackass.

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# 19. your clearly as smart as the OPs mother!

Actually, I agree with this poster. Retarded mother.

Not a very funky situation indeed..? Ok ok I'm sorry! No, no, not the rocks!

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This situation is why parents should learn how to text. Or she at least could have left a voicemail instead.

That sucks!! Hunt the robber down! Leave your spare key at your mom's home and do the same with the note.

Yeah, great idea. -.- it's not like that was op's moms intention.

Sorry pet annoyance, it's not a robber it's a burglar. Also I use "it's" as to commit such an act voids their humanity and makes it perfectly ok to beat them with blunt objects.

That would be "its", no punctuation. What you were saying is "it is".

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At least all he took were guitars and nothing irreplaceable.

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Actually guitars can be hella expensive. That's probably why they were stolen.

Nothing irreplaceable? Les Paul custom guitars are close to $4000 and most American guitars are about $1000 or more. I don't think anyone would write an fml like this if all they had were Squiers and Epiphones.

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24 - I think 6 is talking about taking something literally impossible to replace, like an urn of OP's grandmother's ashes (weird example, I know.) But if anyone stole my favorite guitar I think I would cry.

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There was actually an FML long ago where someone DID have their house broken into and the robber stole an urn containing their grandparent's ashes.

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On the plus for the thieves, at least they were smart enough to take the guitars. I know a few people who've had their houses and cars broken into and not one instrument stolen, and some of those instruments were worth f*&# loads! FYL though op, having something bad happen to something that is so much a part of you is really horrible. You have my condolences.

Oh, I thumbed this up because I thought it was sarcasm! And seeing as OP has more than one guitar, I'm pretty sure they're just as sentimental as an irreplaceable photo album. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've grown fond of my instruments and would be devastated if I lost them.

32 - if someone stole my Gibson I would definitely cry

You just dont understand the sentimental value of guitars. If anyone ever stole my guitars i wouldnt know what to do. Sorry for your loss.

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You must go on a hunt for those guitars.

Having your instrument taken from you is the worst feeling a musician can have.

Your mom defiantly won't be nominated for Best mom of the year lol

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And you DEFINITELY will not be nominated for best speller of the year.

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Aww well, it's the thought that counts right? Your mom was just trying to help you find your way into the house because she loves you.

You have to think on the bright side. Your mum just wanted to let you know where the key was. Good intentions are a bonus

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Really? I heard it was a yellow brick road.

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I am so sorry! My instrument is like a part of me, so I know how it feels. Make your mom replace them and rip up notes that give away the location to spare keys. This ain't Canada.

Never put spare keys outside in the first place. I mean, we're always convinced that we're being all smart putting it under something, but burglars know all these classic places. Leave the keys with a neighbour if you have to, but not outside.

Sorry to say, these kinds of things happen even in Canada, no matter where in the country you happen to live.