By Anonymous - New Zealand - Christchurch
Today, at work, I took an order from a stuck-up sounding lady over the phone. She said her last name was "duckling, but with an F". Bemused, I wrote her name on the order. When she arrived to pick it up later, she told me she'd said "s", not "f". FML
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  ethanbin  |  10

Well, if I remember correctly from school, some last names are based on what the ancestor of that person did for a profession that was passed down to the children to become their profession. We can only wonder at how the name 'suckling' came about.

  SammyS2012  |  21

I don't say my last anymore for things like this; I simply spell it. It's Arabic so no one really understands it here. Spelling difficult names is better than saying it sometimes; though she could have said "s as in..." Instead of him having to guess a letter

  Bekll  |  30

Sometimes people think my last name is fuck and get a laugh out of it, though they change a letter and omit one to do that and don't even realize it.