By Anonymous - 25/11/2012 00:25 - New Zealand - Christchurch

Today, at work, I took an order from a stuck-up sounding lady over the phone. She said her last name was "duckling, but with an F". Bemused, I wrote her name on the order. When she arrived to pick it up later, she told me she'd said "s", not "f". FML
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...suckling? what the hell...

Why couldn't she just say her last name was Suckling?


...suckling? what the hell...

Well, if I remember correctly from school, some last names are based on what the ancestor of that person did for a profession that was passed down to the children to become their profession. We can only wonder at how the name 'suckling' came about.

Aussie Rules fans will know Suckling is a legit surname. Carn the Hawks!

The hawks? Freo all the way...

Oh what fun it is to ride in a...sorry, got carried away for a moment!

35 - I'm a little curious as to where the fuck you were going with that.

22 I know, my next door neighbors are the elephantdungshovlers.

Really? Cause mines were the bananaplantationers

48 - My bad - drunken fml commenting is not my forté it seems...

My asshole of a neighbor is named Dick. It's of the topic kinda, but I fuckling hate this guy!

I'm confused...

Read the FML again... slowly.

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2 - Her last name fits your dp.

How are you confused? It literally takes almost no brainpower to interpret an FML.

luckyd880 12

Oh I'm sure she's heard it before!

I recon with a name like Suckling her life has been hell so far, hence her sounding stuck up... It's probably a defense mechanism.

And why couldn't she just have told you her name like a normal person?

That my friend is an unusual name!

Almost as bad as Susie Fleshhacker.

yoursucklives 36

i don't see how your life sucks because of this.

Why couldn't she just say her last name was Suckling?

iseyixes 18

So she would be featured in an FML.

Because it sounds like fuckling.

I don't say my last anymore for things like this; I simply spell it. It's Arabic so no one really understands it here. Spelling difficult names is better than saying it sometimes; though she could have said "s as in..." Instead of him having to guess a letter

And Buckling doesn't sound like Fuckling?

Sometimes people think my last name is fuck and get a laugh out of it, though they change a letter and omit one to do that and don't even realize it.


Suckling isn't that much better, really.

That's still quite amusing.. Hahaha!

nick347b 6

Suckling is almost as bad as fuckling anyway.

First name... Mudda?

And when she had her first child, it was a little..... oh never mind!

Well i guess YDI, for not asking spelling. Moron