By Anonymous - 25/11/2012 00:25 - New Zealand - Christchurch

Today, at work, I took an order from a stuck-up sounding lady over the phone. She said her last name was "duckling, but with an F". Bemused, I wrote her name on the order. When she arrived to pick it up later, she told me she'd said "s", not "f". FML
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Why couldn't she just say her last name was Suckling?


Well, if I remember correctly from school, some last names are based on what the ancestor of that person did for a profession that was passed down to the children to become their profession. We can only wonder at how the name 'suckling' came about.

Aussie Rules fans will know Suckling is a legit surname. Carn the Hawks!

Oh what fun it is to ride in a...sorry, got carried away for a moment!

35 - I'm a little curious as to where the **** you were going with that.

22 I know, my next door neighbors are the elephantdungshovlers.

Really? Cause mines were the bananaplantationers

48 - My bad - drunken fml commenting is not my forté it seems...

My asshole of a neighbor is named Dick. It's of the topic kinda, but I fuckling hate this guy!

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2 - Her last name fits your dp.

How are you confused? It literally takes almost no brainpower to interpret an FML.

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Oh I'm sure she's heard it before!

I recon with a name like Suckling her life has been hell so far, hence her sounding stuck up... It's probably a defense mechanism.

And why couldn't she just have told you her name like a normal person?

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i don't see how your life sucks because of this.

Why couldn't she just say her last name was Suckling?

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So she would be featured in an FML.

I don't say my last anymore for things like this; I simply spell it. It's Arabic so no one really understands it here. Spelling difficult names is better than saying it sometimes; though she could have said "s as in..." Instead of him having to guess a letter

And Buckling doesn't sound like Fuckling?

Sometimes people think my last name is **** and get a laugh out of it, though they change a letter and omit one to do that and don't even realize it.

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Suckling is almost as bad as fuckling anyway.

And when she had her first child, it was a little..... oh never mind!

Well i guess YDI, for not asking spelling. Moron