By sounds good mom - 14/06/2016 15:23 - United States - Katy

Today, my mom took away my car, phone, dog, laptop and college fund because I told her she lets me down sometimes. I'm moving to Arizona for college in two weeks. FML
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woah woah woah! she took your dog?

I'm sure that you will get everything back before you go, if not that's pretty messed up, especially taking your dog.


woah woah woah! she took your dog?

I'm sure that you will get everything back before you go, if not that's pretty messed up, especially taking your dog.

If she was trying to prove you wrong I'm guessing it didn't work.

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Well, I see it like quite relevant. I guess she took those because she paid it. Now how would you react if the child you raised told you you are letting him down, while being offered a car, a phone, a laptop, a dog and being on the verge of going to a college you paid for him? Obviously, "letting down" can make reference to something else, like attention, but still, being said so would hurt somehow.

Op is moving out. Pretty sure that means they are capable of paying

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You know it's bad when you have to provide your own rimshot.


If it's any consolation, I had a fun time imagine you carrying all five around at once then reluctantly handing them to your mom. "…And the car! Don't hold out!" *sighs while reaching into back pocket* "Fine, take it."

stand upto her. Claim your rights, mate.

Not to mention if the mom paid for all that stuff, they have no rights to claim

49: They would still have some rights to claim since it's not like those items are a loan even if she did pay for them. The same way you give anyone a gift, they're not obligated to give it back to you just because you paid for it.

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Where does it say OP's mom pays for any of that... I pay for all of those things with my own money, including college.

Well I'd assume someone would only be able to take those things if they were provided by that person. Otherwise op just got robbed by her mom. Most people do have to pay for all those things themselves, me included.

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Lying to your mom's face won't do either of you any good. If she's not being a good parent to OP, then OP needs to tell her. Besides, taking away OP's stuff because she didn't like what she heard is an immature way to handle the situation. Those things are needs for OP seeing as they need to get to and pay for their college education.

Not necessarily, sometimes parents will take away things simply because you're living with them, even if the items are stuff you bought yourself. I lived with my parents until I was 20, even though I paid for my car entirely, they did threatened to take it away sometimes, never happened, but still. Some parents take away items simply because their child lives under there roof, which can be unreasonable. I think taking away the OP's dog and college fund is a bit over the top, especially if they paid for it themselves, then I consider it theft. Also, alls OP said was their mom let's them down sometimes, and we don't know the context in which this was said, it could have been a legitimate thing to say. Parents need to understand they're human too and sometimes they're going to do wrong things that disappoints their kids, which the kid has every right to express if they want an honest open relationship. So I don't think we should jump to conclusions on whether the OP appreciates their mom and the stuff she provides or not.

Somebody should be able to tell their parent if they have done something that hurt them- nobody should be expected to be pushed around or let down by their parents, but keep that to themselves and let their parents keep doing it, because their parents pay for things. As long as OP didn't tell their parent it in a mean, ungrateful or rude way, the parent should have seen what they had done wrong, and tried not to do it again. Honestly, all relationships are based off of communication, especially parent-child relationships, and if your parent wont even let you communicate with them if you are hurt, then the relationship is going to fall apart.

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How does she take away your dog? That is unfair for you and your pet. I'd take her to see someone, her mind isn't where it should be.

I believe you. My dad will do that to me in a heartbeat.