By brenami - / Friday 31 December 2011 06:13 / United States
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  Lord_of_0  |  4

#7, that comment is interesting.

Especially the fact that you capitalized all the words.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was an acronym from some kind of group- WYTI.

WYTI=Whitey=White supremacist (?)

Busted, secret white supremacist!

By  Alleged_Cranium  |  7

And what part did the daughter play in this?
You might as well have added other useless info like:
-what you bought at the store
-the brand car you were driving
-the color of your hair
-the size of your breasts
-the fact that you're a lesbian
-the grocery cart had a wobbly wheel
-your pokemon tramp stamp
-the size of your breasts


"I took my daughter to the grocery store" is not the same as "I had to take my daughter to the grocery store".
Nowhere did OP explain the relevance of the daughter.
Nor did she mention the age, which could have been relavent. a 3 y.o. vs a 30 y.o. could make a difference.