By brenami - 31/12/2010 06:13 - United States

Today, I took my daughter to the grocery store. The bag boy seemed to be flirting with me and smiling. He had to be half my age. Once in the car I glimpsed myself in the rear view mirror. I had chocolate completely covering one of my front teeth. FML
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Why did you mention that you had your daughter with you? What does that have to do with it?

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It's the slightly less known version of the brown-noser, a.k.a. the brown-mouther. Om nom nom!

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hahhaha man that sucks! happens to the best of us

I could have sworn this was already an FML

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Maybe he wanted to lick the chocolate of your teeth? Idk I don't do that stuff

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what kind of chocolate was it? unless it was dark, I would be laughing my ass off at you!!!

wouldn't that just make her a 'snickers licker'?

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why would it matter what color it was??

because if it was white chocolate it woulnt have shown as much

That's why they call you Ol' Toothy, down by the grocery store.

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just remember the trick. there may be times when you need a smile.

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#7, that comment is interesting. Especially the fact that you capitalized all the words. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was an acronym from some kind of group- WYTI. WYTI=Whitey=White supremacist (?) Busted, secret white supremacist!

You probably thought he was flirting because he kept licking his lips and staring at your mouth. Too bad it was just the chocolate.

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"I glimpsed myself" by itself sounds dirty, but "I glimpsed myself in the rear" sounds worse.

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And what part did the daughter play in this? You might as well have added other useless info like: -what you bought at the store -the brand car you were driving -the color of your hair -the size of your breasts -the fact that you're a lesbian -the grocery cart had a wobbly wheel -your pokemon tramp stamp -the size of your breasts

The daughter is relevant because it's the reason he obviously wasn't flirting with her.

And it explains why she was at the grocery store.

25 "I took my daughter to the grocery store" is not the same as "I had to take my daughter to the grocery store". Nowhere did OP explain the relevance of the daughter. Nor did she mention the age, which could have been relavent. a 3 y.o. vs a 30 y.o. could make a difference.