By pizzaface - 09/08/2011 17:35 - United States

Today, I got my eyebrows waxed. The lady who waxed my eyebrows also decided to pop the big zit on my forehead. She charged me a dollar extra. FML
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IGotNippleRings 4

should be grateful.

kruzito 0

$1 a pop.


IGotNippleRings 4

should be grateful.

pop yo own damn zits!

americanhoney4 6

Would you rather be walkin around with a huge zit on your face?? I don't think so!

shybear15 0

Shoulda said " bitch please" :p

I rather have someone else pop my zits I always make scars I hope u didn't get scared if you dud you should charge her

Pixxio_O 11

Pop her zit when she's sleeping and charge her a dollar fifty

Shoulda vizited the dermatologist first :D see what I did there? ;)

americanhoney4 6

38... hahahhahahahhahahhahaha it took me like 5 minutes to figure that out!! good one lol

That was nice of her, at least you don't have a zit anymore!

38- haha nice one lol

I would have been pissed. Popping them causes and leaves acne scars. Plus, you don't know where or what her hands have touched so she could have put bacteria in that popped zit. You deserve it for letting her.

Wow 42 you just help the point that the majority of Americans are effing stupid.

Pixxio_O 11

Then guess I'm even more effing stupid because it took me 10 minutes to figure it out... 0.0

well, im a freakin idiot because i still dont get it /: someone explain, please ?(:

coffeygirl12 14

Ive been sitting here for 25 minutes and i still cant figure it out...i need to get a life...

Pandaloverr 0

ViZITed .

He put viZITed

coffeygirl12 14

I get it now!

Happy late birthday!!! @igotnipplerings

americanhoney4 6

Just because a person doesn't get a single joke, doesn't mean he/she is stupid.

102- In Amreeka it does, cuz we is dumb. But I still think we is not dumb becuz are report card says AA+! (bad grammar and spelling intentional)

she just wanted to make sure it wasn't a third eye staring her down

ellelynn 0

Dude that's creepy for wishing someone a happy bday

Should be grateful she didn't give you an ass whooping for complaining about it.

a full 5 min 42?

iPoopMusic 0

106- Speak fer yaself! Ya dang ignant.

Only a dollar?!

You should of said popping was the tip

It's gross for someone else to pop your pimple without permission.

Anything could of happened

Stupid iPod sorry wrong comment thread.

yeseniaaa 2

That's disgusting.

IGotNippleRings 4

Lol, thanks!

IGotNippleRings 4

Dude, you're an idiot. How can you base the majority of people from a country off of what one person said? If you can do that and make the generalization you just made, then based off of you I'm guessing the majority of Austrailians are ignorant assholes?

IGotNippleRings 4

That was for #72

at least you didn't have to do it o.O

for a dollar, I could have gotten 4 gum balls. gum balls>physical appearance

omg I want a gumball now...

daysgoby902 6

wash your face.

What could be better than balls?

kevsnev 7

Acne sucks :(

Pussy is better then balls

Not true I would much rather do it myself.

Should have popped it before you went

Should have switched off the "bitch switch" before she left as well.

I am going to start saying this....

What happens if she didn't notice it or it was formed later that day.

borkchop1992 15

i think that dollar was just for the tip

it's just like prostitution, you have to pay a dollar extra for the tip.

76- I see what you did there lmao

Wooow. Big deal! You paid a dollar -.-

A dollar is a lot of money! Well it was 100 years ago, stupid inflation :D

Your picture is disturbing

asoptavlo14 6

Very disturbing..

flashback.miss 28

ewww lol

asoptavlo14 6

So much for you replying with lyrics..

xXemoturtleXx 8

my thought of Winnie the Pooh being all cute n plumpy is forever ruined...

it's not disturbing at all. Sheesh. -_-

27 I'll take your job for you. *ahem* Your picture/ is down with the sickness!/ I/ apoligize!/ for my/ comment/ not being so gooood! good./ Couldn't think of much/ lyrics./ I had to make it!/ because of you./ It wasn't so goooood! good./ I had to/ diss you lyricaly/ sorry/, but I'm no superman./ You just got served. :D

Eggers 2

there's nothing cool about defacing a Whinny the Poo picture

30 - in Fergilicious they say TASTY TASTY :D

12em12 1

27: Your picture is nasty too.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

I find 6 pic funny and 27 nice pic ;)

creeepppyyyyy piiccccccctuuurrreee scccarrreedddd floor liiifffee

You mean "for" right? Also why type like that? What did you do accidentally hold down your key while typing?

Gothmonkey7 3

Umm. #6 I love ur pic. But.. Ur name is contradicting itself. Its spelled "GRAMMAR"

iatejesus 2

an austrailian.. with a large knife in their picture... who would've guessed?

Prankster7o7 5

That's not a knife! This is a knife!

Vmonster 0

Disturbing picture to match a disturbing comment... .-.

I would have charged more!

Especially since it was a big one.

An entire dollar?! Dayyyumm your life sucks. -_-

kruzito 0

$1 a pop.

Hahahah drug reference I'm in love

Dude, that's cheap

True it's like 3 bucks a pop ..

@9, I see what you did there :)

12vballchick12 5

I agree with four. Unless she said specifcally "thats for popping that whopper zit! "