By Vandrefalk - 01/03/2012 00:09 - Norway

Today, I got myself an organ donor card, just to feel wanted. FML
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DontClickOnMe 28

Hey, whatever helps. :) But I hope you really are willing to donate your organs if need be.

Kingdutch 3

Commit a crime, you'll be wanted by lots of people : )


DontClickOnMe 28

Hey, whatever helps. :) But I hope you really are willing to donate your organs if need be.

And good on you if you do! I am donating my body to science!

Science-fiction maybe

I donate my body to women (;

thiscrazything 1

Willing? I don't think OP will have mich say in the matter. Although I'm sure her recipients will be extremely grateful.

I don't see how it could make you feel wanted but you're doing a good thing OP. More people should carry an organ donor card!

Wanted how? Dead?

39 - too bad the host's body always rejects. ;)

49 - You selfish cookie. Sharing is caring.

ifoundalaska 11

39, I like your cause.

Don't think it's much help, now when he's on life support or something they'll let him die off so they can get his organs.

And why that?

Smh... Because people waiting for organ transplants want his organ donations...

thats a new low. i feel bad for ya.

Well, he is donating an organ to someone who needs it more, in the situation that it occurs. I feel good for him.

Clearly the OP has inner beauty. *Evil laugh*.

zingline89 18

I hate to de liver the bad news, but Gall darn it that's just sad.

Oh don't bladder yourself.

zingline89 18

Lemme spleen somethin to ya, I'm the king of puns round here and I've heart just about enough out of you

jisaac09 25

Eye don't get it, how would an organ donor card make you feel wanted?

There's nothing sadder than a man who's madder about jokes of the bladder. What does it even matter? It's not like I'm stealing your ladder, maybe if you focus less on puns and more on life you'll be less fatter. But then again we all spend time on the fapper!

I'm DrMime and I always rhyme.

zingline89 18

Damn straight, nobody touches my ladder. Nobody.

You need to go to the church of puns, cause you have nuns!

zingline89 18

Nothing could be Father from the truth, but go ahead and wine about it, eventually my posts will altar your opinion.

This comment thread has blown my mind. I was unaware so many puns could exist in one thread.

zingline89 18

To the contrary, this thread needle ittle more punnery. Yarn going to see the end of it any time soon. Ok I lied I'm done.

What's with all these puns and rhyme. I don't have enough time. To think of good puns or a good rhyme. Lead the chorus organ player! (I did warn you about my lack of thinking time - I could use a new brain).

Oh lighten up OP, I'm sure there are other people out there who would love your 'organs' inside of them ;)

Im morally torn.. Should we tell him they won't be interested unless he's dead?

tuppencej777 0

Yeah, he should small with blood, then work his way up to a kidney. Sometimes there are no final answers for this stuff, just an organ donor card, or a shiny driver's license to speak for you.

tuppencej777 0

Start small*

Kingdutch 3

Commit a crime, you'll be wanted by lots of people : )

Technically your organs would be wanted... Nice try though!

coming from you...

38 - That was a bit harsh, considering you don't even have a picture of yourself.

brittk23 0

This makes me really sad :/ you'll find someone perfect for you one day! keep your head up and be positive :)

#10, Just think it through for a bit mate. I'm sure you'll understand soon.

Oh really, I hope he doesn't poke himself with said point.