By Anonymous - / Tuesday 19 June 2012 03:33 / United States
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  Fasterkill  |  6

Hey, if it feels good sticking your fingers in your butt, who are we to judge?

It wasn't so long ago that masturbating was considered sinful and absolutely disgusting, but look at us now! Rubbing one out has many health benefits. I, for one, know that I'm at a lower risk for cervical cancer because I'm fap-happy.

Hurry for enjoying our bodies!


A vagina should not feel like the inside of someone asshole, if it does they have problems; or they aren't wet enough. Either way it shouldn't happen. I'm curious as to how he would know that, it's not everyday a straight guy sticks his finger up is ass.

  DjeePee  |  24

1) Yes, we can deny it. If your ass feels the same way as a vagina, there's something very wrong with it.

2) I think you underestimate the amount of guys that stick things in their arse. It feels good for them, you know, having a prostate. So yeah, it's pretty everyday that a straight guy sticks his finger up his ass.

  Llamacod  |  11

they are, relatively speaking, fairly similar in texture and feel being they are both mucus membranes. I find that usually the ol' brown eye is much uhh tighter than the fish taco but (again mucous membrane speaking) similar

  DKjazz  |  20

Yes, well, there's a lot we don't know here. A lot of men use lubrication in their personal sexual endeavors. Or, as you've mentioned, she might not be wet yet, in which case, they're doing it wrong.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I know some guys like small things up their ass. Because of the prostate it's like the male g-spot if you hit it. My ex girlfriend slipped a finger in once and it actually felt not to bad. This doesn't mean I'm going to go bending over for guys though.

  TarieBoo  |  2

if OP really wanted to see some good in his comment she could think that since assholes are usually tight he was saying she was tight down there which means shes not a slut.....always look for the good in things

  Fasterkill  |  6

The only way you'll encounter a loose kitty is if you prefer boning women with children. Giving birth stretches out the vagina permanently, but even then doctors will either sew you back up or it will return to near its original circumference.

So, in short, having sex with plenty of different men does not make a female's love cave 'loose'. If that held any truth whatsoever, every sexually active woman would have a wind sock for genitals, depending on how frequent she has her mound pounded by her husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

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