By C0r1nn3 - 07/06/2012 04:02 - United States - Santa Clara

Today, I was cuddling with my boyfriend in bed after a round of amazing sex. He decided it would be a great time to stick his finger up my nose. FML
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blcksocks 19

Better than sticking it somewhere else. Or is it?


blcksocks 19

Better than sticking it somewhere else. Or is it?

4 and now you have posted it on FML. YAY!

You're lucky, my ex was blowing me and slipped me the finger, and i dont think that needs explaining..

#1 for me I'd stick it somewhere else ;) instead of a nose, and I'd HAPPILY stick it in that somewhere else.

MrBrightside21 20

17 - If that's the case, OP nose he had the best intentions. Damn I'm a clever, original beast.

Inheritance 10

Atleast it wasn't his dick that he used to pick your nose.

sounds like he already stuck it somewhere else ;D zing!

tjv3 10

Well he had himself in another hole so he was just trying them all out lol

KeyLoLoKye 0

Eww! That's sick and yet so funny to me

"I'm gonna stick it in every hole you've got"

"I'm gonna stick it in every hole you've got"

At least you has sex ( Why let the finger up the nose ruin it?!)

Atleast hes not like my ex boyfriend, who would try to stick his finger up my ass at unexpected times when we were cuddling, "just as a joke".

Atleast she nose you don't like it now, if you told him. But you chose him, so don't be picky with him....these puns are snot working.

kirrra 11

74. you're 14. why do you have an ex that could even attempt that?!

Lennes 12

You can pick your girlfriend, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your girlfriend's nose.

I've been there. It's honestly not an FML moment. If your boyfriend is anything like mine, he's just ****** up awesome.

That might be the prettiest face I've ever seen in my lifetime as a nose...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

My boyfriend does this to me jokingly...sometimes it pisses me off, like if we're sharing a cute moment, but I usually just laugh it off. My boyfriends a freak; he'd have to be, to put up with me ;)

Lol my boyfriend does the exact same thing and I totally agree at times it's annoying but most the time I just laugh at him

Yeah mine does it too. He's an oddball lol.

yup. mine is identical. licking my face, sticking his fingers up my nose... however, its gotten to the point where whenever he gets close to my face, im ready to swat him away ahaha

Llamacod 11

maybe you all have the same boyfriend

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Well, that's an unsettling thought :P

my ex did that once. it was weird. glad I'm not alone though..

It's such a relief to know I'm not the only person this has happened to!

Trust idiot guys (not all guys are idiots, though) to ruin a relaxing moment. I had an ex like that. Just because it might seem funny in your head, doesn't mean the other person's going to laugh when you do it to them. Douche.

but apparently women are flawless and can't ruin a moment by doing something ridiculous? Only guys? Huh.

Smokohauntas 3

I find it funny you "Don't tolerate discrimination of any kind." Your comment seemed a tad bit sexist if you ask me.

8- Not to mention your lack of a sense of humor. I hardly doubt the guys a douche for goofing around with his girlfriend. Don't be so stuck up.

I've also come from an abusive relationship where that was done to me and other annoying things at my expense so yeah, certain things get on my goat. Did I say women were perfect, no. And did I day all men are like that? No. It isn't being stuck up where you no nothing of where my comment came from.

Oh and another thing, I clearly stated in brackets that not all guys are idiots. How would you like to be poked, prodded, slapped, pinched, pulled around and punched everyday and told to 'lighten up' because you didn't find the bruises funny? Well, I'm sorry if that means I don't have a sense of humor..

59- I'm sorry you had an abusive relationship... But, how does an fml about a guy picking his girlfriends nose after sex bring this up?? Seriously.

ulis_fml 6

Well you posted it on Fml, where everyone has a sense of humor. Seriously don't get your feelings hurt by something someone said on the Internet.

Well, obviously I have explained motive behind my initial reaction. That doesn't mean I'm hurt by someone over the Internet. I've just decided to explain myself instead.

I called upon a past experience to judge this FML. Maybe every one should lighten the **** up, especially if you don't agree with what I've said. ******* bite me.

I'm not trying to be a complete bitch, but to call OPs boyfriend an idiot and a douche is a little much in my opinion..

I call him and idiot and a douche mainly because of the feelings I felt when associated with this kind of thing and my own personal experiences. He probably isn't really an idiot or a douche (obviously, because I don't know the person).

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think your comment veered away from the actual FML and ended up being a comment about your bad relationship(s?) in the past.

Fairly sure OP isn't getting abused, bruised, punched, or anything of that nature. Just a little turned off is all. Internet isn't really a place to vent about randomly now

ulis_fml 6

She should post an Fml about her PROBLEMS! After all that might make sense.

If you don't shut up I'm going to get on your goat!

Apparently, he wasn't done exploring your holes.

I think that he was just being playful; OP, in no way that would amount to FYL unless he had first inserted that in yr ass...