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By Anonymous - 14/07/2011 16:52 - United States

Today, my boyfriend fingered me. He never cuts his nails. It felt like I was getting intimate with Wolverine. FML
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buckeye08 10

She should of told him to trim them! Is that so much to ask?

stfuitscindeeeh9 3

She kind of deserved it, she knew he didn't keep his nails trimmed and still let him finger her.

Hey look into the brightside, if he turns out to be wolverine, you guys could cut off his fingers and do some really kinky stuff. Too stupid ?

41, how the hell does she deserve it? It's not like she knew it would hurt.

Just close your eyes and imagine the X-Men.

tell him to cut his nails? or admit your pain fetish. either works

-73 I have a pain fetish... Doesn't mean I want a chick to stab my balls with her nails.

Well I'm sure that you will eventually suck the life outta him like Rogue did, so it's an even trade.

Genuine question: Does it hurt when a guy doesn't trim his nails?

I thought sex with Hugh Jackman was a good thing.

dakins 0

93- o.O app its not obvious? so, yes

proxxX069069 7

85 it was quite obviously a joke, but that sounds pretty unpleasant. you'd be suprised though

93- Yeah, depending how long (and possibly jagged) they are, it can be kind of scratchy and unpleasant or downright painful. And OP- always make them trim their nails! Takes like what, two minutes? Come on...

katiekatie412 4

this made me gag... WHY WOULD YOU NOT STOP HIM?!

cocofruity123 0

At least it wasn't Freddy Krueger. Also, that is bloody disgusting.

zendaddy0 0

he fingered you with his knuckle? knuckles can grow nails!?

This, men, is why we need to cut and file our nails the day before we see our girlfriends. :/

Lauren10102 3

I think everyone has a Taylor Lautner fetish

or maybe an Edward scissorhands fetish? cosplay has EVERYTHING, ya'know.

wolverine always turned me on and always been my fav marvel character.

Takador 3

OP is disgracefull, she doesn't know what people would give to be fisted by Wolvie...

dinodannyrawr 5
skizzlerz 0

I almost died when I read this FML. Soooo damn funny XD but 100- I totally agree, Wolverine is damn fine and OP should just be happy to have an excuse to think of her boyfriend as just that much hotter (if she closes her eyes when he does it lmao)

dang sounds like it hurt! ask him to trim them or do it for him!

omg OP WHY would you let him down there? my ex had a jagged nail one time cause he didn't keep himself well groomed and he freaking accidentally CUT between my outer and inner lips!!! I didn't notice it until two days later and it was torn open and had 4 popped blisters. it was DISGUSTING and PAINFUL and my ex knows I'm NEVER getting with him again. there's a scar now too :(

a_nutritionist 10 broke up with your ex over a jagged nail...?

did I say that? no. I broke up with him because we weren't good for each other and he was really obsessed

tacocannon99 5

happened to me too, OP. But I was getting frisky with catwoman up the butt...not pleasant...

tzuriel11 9
tweetbaby14 18

115, thank you for making me vomit. I needed that.

mrbbt 4

u should have stopped him bit off his nails the started again

iLuvBBW 0

ew, she would be licking or tasting her own juices. lol

34- that might be funny if you where a guy but it still would of been strange then... and I'm not quite sure if you are serious or joking... that comment disturbed me :/

thrAsHeRr9081 16

I'm assuming your comment was meant in jest, but have you ever tried biting your nails? It's almost impossible to get a smooth edge. Jagged bitten fingernails might feel worse than long-ish but smoothly filed ones.

MizzErikaHart 8

i occasionally bite my nails and it's usually cuz it's started to break anyways. maybe this is nasty but I can actually grind/file away the edge of my nail to be completely smooth with my bottom 2 teeth. but regardless I wouldn't wanna do that to someone else's nails. ?

Oh my god, that is the nastiest thing I have ever heard. You file your nails with your teeth?! Just bring a portable file if you HAVE to bite your nails, or if one broke. It really doesn't take that much room, and for someone who brings moist towelettes everywhere, I don't think you'll have a problem finding something to transport it in.

a_nutritionist 10

erm...youre damaging your teeth doing that. i dont think its disgusting really, but yeah, your teeth dont need that shit...

130 - If you're fine with all that nail dust, dirt and grime in your mouth, that's your prerogative. In my opinion though, biting nails and/or filing your nails with your teeth is pretty disgusting, considering everything you touch during the course of a day, regardless of how many times you wash your hands. You're touching something all the time and 99% of the time, it's got billions of germs on it.

slimjim8094 12

Your mouth has billions of germs in it. Your gut is worse. But I suppose you're one of those people that Lysols the toilet seat and Purells the hands, but ignores the remote control? We have immune systems so germs don't matter. Grow up

a_nutritionist 10

i dont remember saying i do it, i simply said i dont see it as being that disgusting. youve got higher levels of contaminants on your food than the minor amount from 'filing' back your nails. so long as the individual keeps their hands and mouth clean its not a huge issue, and your mouth does have bacteria all over it. hence why mouth infections and bad teeth are a problem. its not just a build up of sugar that causes tooth decay you know. this is why people brush their teeth twice a day.

ever had a virus? yyyyeah....wonder what causes them?

itsgen 16
a_nutritionist 10

@184 nothing youve said makes sense. yes your gut has bacteria, so? so does your shit, eat that, tell me how you feel in the morning " We have immune systems so germs don't matter. Grow up" ...then i challenge you to leave raw chicken in the sun for 7 days, then eat it. germs dont matter, youll be fine. remember, cooking is cheating. ill wait for your fml.

184 - Actually, no, I'm not one of those people. The thought of what Miss Erika said grossed me out. Also, germs don't matter? Tell me exactly that the next time you end up with a severe illness caused by some form of germ. Are you one of those people who eats dirt and believes it's normal and okay to do? Take the nutritionist's advice and either eat shit or raw chicken that's been sitting out for a week. 196 - I realize.

duckman9 55
duckman9 55

I think 1 eye is better than long nails

geek instincts kicking in...cyclops has two eyes...they just shoot lasers if they aren't covered. ouch.

not the greek creature cyclops from xmen, he has two eyes, but can't control laser beams that shoot out of his eyes, unless he uses sunglasses, his weird eye thingy or closses his eyes

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MizzErikaHart 8

You know in some cultures, that's considered sexy. I don't know what these cultures are really. But to me, plain disgusting. :)

how about.. not chewing them? it's gross and unhealthy. use nail trimmers like us regular people.

ReynshineCutting 10

Umm. Us regular people? Do you not realize how common nail biting is? 44% of adolescents and 29% of young adults bite their nails.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

"Us normal people?" It's a bad habit. Nervousness or anxiety can be a factor... I'm a nail biter and most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it.

well then I should have said, "like us smart people."

TaylorKopacz 13
iAmScrubs 19

This is how I would imagine a sex scene from Twilight.

Vampires can't get erect because they have no blood flow... Lesbians might work.

you don't need to be erect to finger her ;P

dabears4life 0

hahhah yes! #95 made my day

62- Twilight vampires can get erect, because they have venom in place of the blood. And also they're made of diamonds so they're all hard anyway :P

at 62 vampires can ****, havnt you ever seen true blood?

282828 0

no but considering there always ice cold they probly hav a shriveled upbpenis there for maximum erection size for them is 2in...3 if there lucky

wrong they have a never-ending boner because of rigor mortis

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

144- trueblood is amazing!!

gossip_girl23 0
mus13kitty 0

he's talking about twilight not true blood

Well if your boyfriend looks like Hugh Jackman that's ok, otherwise FYL

Nerd nails+finger+p*ssy= Upset woman :(