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Today, my boyfriend was diagnosed with a UTI. He thought men can only get UTIs by "catching" them from a woman, so he blamed me for it. FML
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I wonder if someone could catch stupid from him...

He needs to do some research. Its not like an STI, you can't pass it from person to person like that.


I wonder if someone could catch stupid from him...

There is a virus that lowers brain function about the same as intoxication, if I remember right. So in theory you can catch stupid.

He needs to do some research. Its not like an STI, you can't pass it from person to person like that.

I think some UTIs can be spread sexually though, well the bacteria anyway. Most are caused by poor hygiene.

Actually it can be passed person to person like that.

whoops, maybe I need to do some more research :)

research done, and it cannot in fact be passed through sexual contact. gotta love the internet!

There's also lots of causes and poor hygiene is not the most common cause. Other health issues may also raise the risk of uti such as diabetes, or in my case a spinal injury. Also majority of females will experience a uti at some point in their life... doesn't mean they're unhygienic. Come on people research, it's handy.

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I thought a man could pass a UTI onto a woman, but not the other way around because I man's urethra is involved in sexual intercourse, but a woman's isn't. Or did "The Green Mile" lie to me?

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I don't think men pass it along, but women can get UTIs from having sex generally if they don't pee afterwards to get the bacteria out of the urethra, since bacteria can get shoved up there from...the, yknow, motions.

UTIs can be a recurring problem for some women, the last thing they need is the stigma that they're dirty and unhygienic people, check your facts before you start spreading that silliness please.

No, the reason he couldn't have intercourse with his wife in the movie is because it was too painful.

I completely agree #3. However the boyfriends research likely consists of tv shows as I've personally seen a tv sitcom mention that UTI's can only be caught by men during sexual intercourse with an infected female. I know that's not true but most people will assume a tv show does their research.

I've heard that too, it's a popular theory. Still pretty rude of him to call you out like that.

How did he call her out, if there isn't a possible way she could've given it to him? Dumbass.

Well, he did call her out by blaming her for it. It was just a false accusation

The community for this app is ******* hilarious. Everybody takes everything so seriously like your calling him a dumbass for saying that he called her out lol.

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Most idiotic thing I've heard in a while

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He probably needs to catch some common sense

He surely must have been very tensed then to say such a horrible thing to u. Dont among urselves and sort it out.

OP's boyfriend sounds ******* stupid. OP should tell him how it is and if he can't swallow that pill, well too bad.

Good thing you didnt get his stupidity

This isn't normal stupid...this is advanced stupid.