By peejay6831 - 23/09/2013 06:27 - United States

Today, one of my regular customers asked when we were getting married. I told him as much as I would love that, I didn't think my boyfriend would be very happy. He called me a "stuck up b*tch" and informed me he only comes to my line because he can always see through my shirt. He is 72. And married. FML
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peejay6831 tells us more.

I wear a mandatory black polo at work that's easily a quarter inch thick, seeing through it isn't even possible! I just told him to have a nice day.. pretty sure he missed his meds

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You think that calling someone a "stuck up bitch" is cute just because he is old??

You never know he might have x-ray vision o.O


rockne93 17

Well take it as a compliment, OP

how could you take stuck up bitch as a compliment?

MikeonFML 17

I usually take "stuck up bitch" as a compliment too, i don't know why OP is complaining...

rockne93 17

Well it's not like the old man would be upset if she was unattractive.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

I'd be pretty PO'd if someone insulted me for my personal choice or opinion. The guy had no right nor reason to call her that.

\ 28

Aside from the insults, the customer might've had a point. If OP's boyfriend is only attending to HIS desires and wants, then maybe she should reevaluate her relationship goals...

Rosebudx 32

31: The customer was asking when OP was going to marry the customer, not her boyfriend.

\ 28

Oops. I didn't realize that the first time around...

"you're a stuck up bitch" aah well thank you i am trying to be like that everyday

BlackBlazeCobra 16

What an ass. If you see him outside of work, go and give him a slap if he tries to pull that again.

Be glad you got insulted as a result of your good looks and not your weight.

Well this just proves that no matter how old a man gets, he's always looking for one thing

A cheeseburger?

r_bruce69 19

No, it shows that some old men are perverts. Do not speak for every male in existence

olpally 32

What an asshole. Have him kicked out for harassing you.

MermaidAnnariea 10

that's exactly what needs to happen. i know my boss doesn't deal with shit like that.

So lucky. My managers don't even pay attention to what customers are doing. By the time we can even report it, the customers are gone, and no witnesses anyway. I don't know why managers don't pay attention anyway; it's so easy, I do it all the time. I'm very protective of my coworkers. I'll jump in to help them whenever I can.

I'm sure his wife would love to know about that.

Exactly. OP Just tell his wife that you saw him exchange numbers with a hooker just outside your shop, all the while pretending you are genuinely concerned.

I have a dirty old man that comes to my job that says nasty obscene things right in front of his wife all the time. She just sits there with her hands in her lap and says nothing. He has the attitude "If you don't ******* like it, don't let the door hit you on the way out!" It's pretty sad.):

Horny old man.. Ew.

The customer is always right, so I guess that makes you a stuck up bitch. Kudos for wearing the transparent shirt, though. It's rare to see people like you really trying to make their customers happy.

martin8337 35

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MermaidAnnariea 10

that's the most ignorant shit i've heard all day.

I don't think that would make the old guy's wife very happy lol

My Aunty actually encourages my cousin to do that, and my cousin is only twenty. What's worse is that she'd be okay with that option.

Awkward...can you chalk it up to grumpy old age?

perdix 29

You should have said "this weekend in Vegas, baby." Your boyfriend has been dragging his ass, so you'd be better off wth a finely-seasoned bigamist.

Unless his wife does not mind a polygamous relationship, tell her.