By Ballshurt - 07/09/2009 04:57 - United States

Today, I learned that you can pierce your balls. However, sitting on a thumbtack is not the best way to find this out. FML
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AnthonyxD_fml 0

Why were you naked sittin down in the first place?

Another reason why I'm pleased my genitalia is all neatly tucked away, safe from thumb tacks and vicious trouser zippers! FYL indeed OP


Op: Look before you sit Funnyfml: At least say something constructive!!

Yup. I got in a fight with him on another FML where he also commented 'first'. It got moderated though, so I like to think I won in the end.

gdude756 0

Sucks for you dude. Next time look before you sit

AnthonyxD_fml 0

Why were you naked sittin down in the first place?

He could of just gotten out of the shower or getting changed and sat on his bed in his room or a chair or something. Stranger things have happened!!

hmmmm, tell me, how heavy are your balls to get them pierced by a tac...or do you tuck? AHAHAHAHAHA oh **** that lol

Wait, it's not? I've been doing it wrong, then.

what did you do slam your dick ontop of your balls? like seriously unless you had some serious pressure on your scrotum i wouldnt see this happening.

766746 0

just have to pick holes in everything you people on Fml!! give the dude a break, that would have ******* hurt........... no matter how it happened!!