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  nadsm  |  0

yeah, it's actually quite hilarious.. but i look like a chicken, ya know doing the chicken dance with my legs? i'd sort of love to have it on tape. it's a good laugh.

  nadsm  |  0

uhm let's see, maybe because being ticklish isn't something you can control? it's not "fucked up" to sympathize with somebody.

By  Sekococo  |  0

i know what you mean OP but you could of told the person you ticklish by foot and they would of made it easier or use another method lol.

...<.< shhh but OP this could be your chance >.> tell them its a warning that if they dont do their job right next time it more then kicking you'll do and >:) .

By  Scourge87  |  0

I guess asking her to stop for a moment was out of the question.
Very out of place, as opposed to a kick in the face =P

If it makes you feel better OP, just imagine the lady has been a bit of a bitch and you were nothing but an instrument of karma.