By Kin - 25/10/2009 20:48 - United States

Today, a girl I've liked for several years gave me her number. Finally, I worked up the courage to call her. It was a suicide help line. FML
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I'm more worried that she knew if off by heart tbh mate. FHL.


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That's why I have such numbers saved in my phone already. It'll automatically come up that it exists already, I'll note that it's a fake number, and call her out on it. They get so embarassed when you do that.

I'm pretty sure it would be more embarrassing for you.. "Wait, this is a fake number!" "Why yes it is, now i hope you got the message that i don't want to give you my number since i find you ugly/boring/a freak" hahaha :)

Obviously! He even has a backup plan for if it's a fake number that he doesn't know, I'd expect ;D

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Hey, better safe than sorry. It happens 90% of the time, but if you can't take rejection, then you're not fit for the real world. And I've only had the whole "Yes, it's a fake number, now you get the message that I..." thing once. Normally, when a girl gives you a fake number, it's under the impression that you'll take it and go home, where the rejection happens while she's not there, thus making it painless to her. That plan is broken when you say "Bish! This is a fake number!"

LOL :D Such optimism! I like that! If that's not true, you don't want her anyway. Next!

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57, it is incredibly sad that this happens to you so frequently.

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Just because u ASSUME the OP is emo doesnt mean he is, not ALL emos are suicidal, plus most of the time it's not emos who commit suicide, god people think emos drop like flies when it comes to suicide -_-

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the fact that she gave him a suicide hotline number DOES NOT mean that he's suicidal. I have a couple friends who have given creepy guys who ask for their numbers the suicide hotline number just because they didn't want to give the guy their number. they've also given guys the line to Hogwarts. point is, don't make dumb assumptions.

haha woah holy shit thats some rejection

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I would have given them the rejection hotline, then told them that if that didn't work to call the other number-- The suicide hotline =D

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Only because women can be heartless and cruel more so than any guy. It's disgusting how stuck up and insensitive they act.

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I'm more worried that she knew if off by heart tbh mate. FHL.

Um, Suicide help line? I think this is made up. wouldn't the suicide help line have a far more different number than a regular cellphone/home phone number? like a 1800 or 1900 ? If not than......Damn you got owned lol.

some are 800 numbers, but there are also local ones that have normal area codes. but, OP if the girl you like had memorized the # to the suicide help hotline I think its time for a new girl.

Actually the numbers usually spell out SUICIDE. 1-800-SUICIDE yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

this shows she rejects guys alot if she memorized the #

that just shows that she does pay attention to you

Turn it into the phonesex hotline! "Mmm, baby. Yeah, your voice is so hot. Speak speak faster. Enunciate, enunciate!"

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Brighten up the operator's day- could even be your girl on the phone Op ;)

BOW CHIKA WOW WOW! "That is right baby, use your tongue! Roll the r like you mean it!"

XD "Oh, baby! Take my bra off with your mouth, and emphasise it nice and sexily!"

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Do I want someone to assist me, yes! Do I feel like shooting myself... i feel like shooting you, with my big depressed man penis.

I like how you all know what they say.