By B - 18/04/2011 08:09 - United Kingdom

Today, I thought it would be funny to tickle my daughter's foot, which she hates. One bloody nose, multiple scratches and 4 toe-shaped bruises later, she's the one laughing. FML
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This one all on you OP lol. if your son said he hated getting kicked in the balls would you still do it?

ydi. if you know she hates it why do it?


u shouldnt have done that lol

I'd be the daughter screaming ;D haha, I'm so ticklish :)

So she got the last laugh.

@50 Me too xD I wouldve hated it but i wouldnt of given someone a bloody nose.... I wouldve asked them to stop and if they didnt THEN given them one xD

sounds like fun

where u tickle her? giggity

Apperantly, the kid's foot.

what happened to the fifth toe?

That'll learn you!

some lessons in life hurt, but you already know this.....

Heybuddy2344, with all due respect it should be "teach", not "learn". Using "learn" in that situation is nothing more than slang typical of the southern United States. My advice to you would be not to use Urban Dictionary as a reference source, especially for anything having to do with grammar. My other advice would not to tell people to shut the fuck up when you're wrong.

what does it matter?

I'm sure it was meant to be funny, I jokingly say it all the time just to take a jab at my grammar nazi wife. Being from the south, I can also say the following. We know it's not the 'proper' way to say things when we use 'southern words', we just don't care it others don't like it.

Did his comment get edited? I ask because I don't see where he told anyone to shut the fuck up.

12 & 105, It's an old hill billy expression. It's funny. Being a grammar nazi on this one only advertises your own ignorance.

If we want to express our southern slang we sure as hell can :)

This one all on you OP lol. if your son said he hated getting kicked in the balls would you still do it?

it's Op's daughter. not son.

erikaa1123 I'm sure he knows that. He was just making a point about how stupid it is for the OP to deliberately do something he knows his child hates.

what does op mean

OP stands for Otter Penis, there.

Well, "stupid" is one word for it. "Cruel" is another.

ydi. if you know she hates it why do it?

because it's fun until someone gets hurt :D

#4, my thoughts exactly! If you're stupid enough to do to someone something they hate, expect them to retaliate without prejudice! DUH!!! YDI!!

He told us why: he thought it would be funny. That's the excuse of most bullies. I feel bad for this kid.

ydi for tickling her foot

People getting what they deserve is also my tickle spot.

*cough* foot fetish.

*cough, cough* Moron *cough*

I hate my feet my being tickled and I feel what she did is totally justified. :p

People getting what the deserve is also my tickle spot.

LoL ! Don't tell you didn't see it coming :D