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  tpag3r  |  0

im just gunna go ahead and click YDI because u went for a manicure when u know you have sensitive feet
(or you just wanted an excuse to kick someone in the face) because i applaud you if u enjoy kicking face

  shelbtron  |  0

i've always wanted my comment to be moderated, nice.

oh, and i forgot to say this the first time, but it's not really a FML...f whoever was giving you a pedicure cause not only did she have to touch your feet she got kicked in the face.

  apfunction  |  0

umm...this isn't an FML. the lady who got kicked in the face: "today some dumbass came in for a pedi, and didn't tell me she had ticklish feet. I got kicked in the face. FML."

  acd23  |  0

I used to get pedicures at this amazing nail salon in Japan, where you can get some really nice pedicures that are impossible to do at home. My feet are very ticklish, but the end result was worth it, and the pedicure stayed reasonably intact for a couple months.
But then again, I'm only so ticklish that I'd only cring my foot back a little when the lady touched my foot, and if the OP knew she would likely kick her foot out when they touched her feet, then that probably wasn't the smartest idea.

By  elara15  |  0

You could've gotten a pedicure out of a $3 bottle of nail polish instead wasting money on such a service, which now includes clean up and possible medical treatment. Even if you weren't ticklish, it's still a frivolous expenditure. But you are ticklish, and you put yourself at risk, and you made a ridiculous scene. Leave a tip!

By  plexico  |  3

And I'll bet you stiffed her on the tip, you cheap bitch!

You need to give her a bouquet of flowers and piece of fine jewelry for cold cocking her in the face and making her smell your urine-soaked panties as she tried to fix your smelly, fungus-ridden hooves.

  plexico  |  3

You're an idiot. It is cold-cocked. Look it up.

You might complain that I didn't hyphenate it, or spell it as one word, but there is no such word a cold-clock.

By  E3Q  |  0

hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahah That shit is hilarious. I kicked a dr in the face once. Kicked him across the room actually. He said all you will feel is a little pinch. Thats what he got for lying.