By Anonymous - 13/02/2010 00:22 - United States

Today, I was fired from my job. Why? Because my boss has been dating my newly divorced mother, and he didn't want family get-togethers to be "awkward." FML
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I think that his firing you would make it awkward, but I don't think it would have been before. FYL

I think your Boss' plan backfired. If anything, this is going to make things even more awkward.


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wow! that reallly sux!

It's deep comments like these that keep me alive these days.

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it's just gunna be More awkward noww?

do you comment on everything? pretty damn annoying

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snickerdoodles is my secret lover >=) shhhh don't tell no one

kaydee is a babe

wow! congrats for using big words, snickerdoodles!

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You need to keep your bitch in line then.

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As much as I hate to defend snickerdoodles, she didn't use any big words. Unless by big you mean all CAPS, if not you're a retard.

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it's okay because she's hot!

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wowww who gives a fuck? maybe she just wanted to comment? im not gonna lie i leave comments like that on VDM all the time (but that's just because my french isn't that great haha) but seriously, people on the internet are so damn angry all the time.

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wow that's fuckin harsh haha fyl

are u still getting paid? if not you should talk to yr mom lol

like ur pic man

ydi for having whore of a mother

I think that his firing you would make it awkward, but I don't think it would have been before. FYL

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not unless the family meeting was unintentional and she/he walked in on his mom getting fucked by him

Snickerdoodles took the words right outta my mouth! :)

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that's what she said, hahahaha

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no, that'll smooth it over entirely. he comes over to your mothers house and your living with her because your unemployed... not as akward a meeting if he was still your boss though... :)

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#7 wins ^^

I think your Boss' plan backfired. If anything, this is going to make things even more awkward.

No shit!!!! What a dumb ass!!!

umm that's super illegal. you can have his ASS with a wrongful termination suit. I say put him through a monster shitstorm.

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lol #9. all I got from that was: his ass and monster shitstorm...

If the OP lives in an 'at will' employment state, a successful wrongful termination suit will be difficult and expensive to prove.

"At will" doesn't cover something like that. It'll be your word against his, but even just the first steps of a lawsuit should persuade him to settle or give you a delayed severance check. You should make sure not to give him any alone time with dear old Mom.

it isn't illegal to fire someone for this reason

The position can be eliminated for say, 12 months, with the company claiming layoffs or a change in business needs. There is a case here but very difficult to prove. PS, I am not an attorney but I play one on tv.

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Heyred, you are insanely beautiful.

First of all, FYL. In addition, I agree that is one of those rare situations where there is potential for a lawsuit even in US states with "at will" employment. Even the threat of litigation and negative press alone might force him to settle, even if the case would not hold up in court. Then he can see what 'awkward family dinners" are like. The only way I would give him any leeway is if he actively assists you finding an equivalent position with a partner or competitor company. Disclaimer: I'm don't advocate lawsuits for every problem, but for this guy I will make an exception.

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my thoughts exactly...

not if it's an at will work state they can't employers don't have to have a reason to terminate in those cases

it sure is illegal

Wow. That's just all-around unfortunate.

That is really messed up. At the next family gathering announce "Im becoming a stripper because my jackass boss fired me for no reason." then give him an evil stare. OR make a toast in honor of him being willing to 100% financially support you so you dont have to work anymore and can focus on other ventures. Put him on the spot!

OP!! Listen to Laurendorcus!!! It's PERFECT advice!! 8D I'd totally pull it off myself!