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  twisted_cherub  |  14

While it's currently OP's word against his, evidence can be gathered.

OP, document everything: write down the conversation you had with your boss before details get fuzzy.
Record/photograph him asking your mom out or taking her on a date. See if your mom will help there.
Have your mom talk to him about firing you. If he tells her the truth, you'll have a corroborating witness.
Have your ex-boss served with court papers on the same day your mom dumps him, just because it's funny.

  Jaxx66  |  21

52 is absolutely correct, actually most states have that policy now. It sucks, but people were getting sued a lot for false termination, and businesses didn't want to deal with it anymore.


I think there are only like 2-4 states that aren't at will states anymore. You can be fired for any reason or no reason at all (other than the race, religion, gender, etc stuff) or you can quit for any reason or no reason at all.

  RavenRiley007  |  4

No it's not a legal reason at all!'re gonna have to lock your mom in a closet somewhere and tell your boss if he doesn't give you your job back he isn't getting any from mommy fact he'll never see her again :)....try that!

  keeganm  |  1

You're confusing right-to-work (for less), which is an anti-union law, with at-will employment (or fire-at-will, as I call it). Both are bullshit, anti-worker laws that should be repealed anywhere they exist.

  IscoreOnU  |  19

He thinks it's awkward at work. Imagine when his boss and mom get married and he has to move back in with them because he was fired and can't afford to live on his own.

  BubbleGrunge  |  18

There are many places in the world where the normal nuclear family is not practiced. For instance, many tribes marry inter family or should a father or mother die the first born takes that roll. Some places, the first born becomes what is called two spirited where they become both father and mother. Some uncles take place of the father who died. Not ever nation or community has a mother father and children. Some even have multiple husbands or wives, and don't forget same sex marriages. Broaden your horizon my friend, each and every person is different and unique from the rest.

  notsorandomguy  |  18

80 - Please provide examples as supporting evidence or you will be failed for not being able to justify your answer adequatly. Please keep in mind that falsifying any information will be severely punished.

  HeartOfLead  |  24

Lol,OP, this reminds me of the episode of 'The Office' where Steve corall dates pam's mother but then ends up breaking up with her because she's too old and ends paying for it but only backwards where he would fire Pam and keep dating her mother... *stops to catch breath*

  Azail  |  15

Two things - First it is you* and second Where in the fml does it say that the mom suggested that her daughter should be fired? For all we know the boss might have been trying to fire her but he never had a reason to til now although his reason was a very poor one.

  2oc  |  5

Hence the if. They were just saying the mom probably would tell the boss to piss off unless it was her idea (which isn't stated or assumed, it's just a possibility)