By FreeOfCharge - 21/09/2009 06:06 - Canada

Today, I got a client who ordered ice cream. She seemed really nice and I thought maybe she was into me. When I asked if she wanted peanuts for an additional 50 cents, she said no. Trying to be nice, I added them anyway free of charge. I later had to call the ambulance. She was allergic. FML
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i get that you're trying to be nice but next time, listen to the customers :) but still fyl

I concur, else shit like this can happen. So remember: if someone says 'no', they mean NO. You bloodthirsty monster.

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I do agree that the OP was being nice, #1, but he really shouldn't have given her the peanuts. Especially since a lot of people do happen to be allergic to them, so YDI, OP, for not thinking about that. And instead of adding a free topping, OP, why not give her a discount or let her have it on the house since you wanted to be nice? You could even use that as a way to break the ice

Yeah Jesus, the whole point of asking is to know weather they want them. Peanuts are the most common allergy of all time, moreso than poison ivy. THINK.

YDI for offering her anything at half a penny.

It's called 'customer' where you work, not 'client'.

she deserves it for being a mutant who has allergies

LOL. I HATE when people do that, or when they say shit like $7 dollars.

You're an idiot. Even if she hadn't been allergic, lots of people don't even like nuts. When someone says no and you do it anyway, the most probable reaction is her being pissed at you.

It should be FHL, - I went to buy icecream, I said no peanuts and the stupid clerk tried to kill me by giving me peanuts anyway

FYL, but ydi. how would she not see the nuts anyway?

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Thats a ydi, not an flm! She said she didnt want peanuts, so why did you give them to her?! she could have had reasons, one being that she was allirgic! (i know i spelled it wrong, sorry, I cant spell to save me life! ARRGGG, IM A PIRATE! but op, ur a dumbass

"I concur", what an archaic thing to say.

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Why the hell did you ask her if you weren't gonna listen anyways??

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Exactly what i was think #177.. Thats is kinda fishy, peanuts are pretty easy to spot on ice cream or anything for that matter.

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This is exactly what I thought. What idiot says, "Hm, I'm allergic to peanuts but I'm going to go ahead and eat these ones anyway"? SHE deserved it.

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She could sue your ass for shitload of money

He didnt kniw and prob thought she just didnt want to pay an extra .50

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109 you mean half a dollar right

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ahh...didnt mean to respond to this but of course u deserve it

dude, you are #4, you don't need to ******* reply to #2 to get yer comment on top...

then thats probably why he put on there that he didn't mean to respond to #2's comment..... duh.

It was a dumb move on his part...but how did she not see the peanuts on her ice cream...?

Just like rape. Don't give people nuts when they don't want them

I don't even like nuts, so I would have been upset

why would she eat them if she was allergic? I need to stop wasting my time on this site

Probably because she didn't notice them. You'd be surprised how often things like this happen. Anyway YDI for not listening to her.

You would have KILLED my girlfriend you wanker! Get it sorted out.

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xactly 101! u homicidal bastard :L

Even if she wasn't allergic maybe she didn't want them as she didn't like them? NOT EVERYONE LIKES PEANUTS, DON't PRESUME THIS!

Peanuts are overated, and the fantards like him are the worst, always trying to force it onto other people.

I partly agree with you. The strips with Snoopy and Woodstock were way to corny and puerile. However, the strips with Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown are ******* hilarious. Particularly if you recognize that the football is a metaphor for pussy.

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Wow you ******* deserve it. You should be fired from your job.

Yeah, you're a ******* retard. I don't care if you're as nice as ****, but don't you know the prevalence of peanut allergies, you dumbass?

I agree. If she was severely allergic, you could have killed her.

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FAKE. She couldnt see the peanuts ontop the the ****** icecream?

Stop forcing your nuts on women and we won't have this problem, hm?

I agree 100%. A true gentleman offers his nuts to women and is gracious whether she accepts or declines.

Hmm, but there is that "bad boy" aspect mentioned in the other FML. Maybe, "You'll take my nuts and you'll like it!" has worked for him before. I think that's kind of hawt.

Duly noted. (weeenk!) when ;) just doesn't cut it.

Just don't force me to eat anything I'm allergic to. Luckily, I'm not allergic to much of anything. You know what else is HAWT? You talking about awesome stuff (like Latin) to me.

I'm surprised no one has said "she should sue your ass." I mean I recon 40% of all comments contain "Sue them.".

Did anyone else notice that he said ".50 cents"? Because that would be half a cent... I don't know why anyone would turn down half cent peanuts even if they WERE allergic. That's freakin' awesome.

Lmao. I didn't notice it until people on here pointed it out. I would buy them and tell them they should round down. :)

That was a pretty stupid thing to do, even if she wasn't allergic she said she DIDN'T want them. Probably fake anyway though because she would definitely have seen them before she ate it.

Not necessarily, they might have been mixed through.

you should lose your job. JERK. If someone didn't want them then thats why they say no! Do you not know what the word no means? You could have killed her! I would have sued your ass!

i know, right? i would also have refused anything that cost half a penny... nothing that cheap can ever be beneficial.