By boudinette - 15/04/2015 10:14 - France - Saint-martin-d'heres

Today, I received the beautiful dress I'd ordered on the internet. It's a size smaller than my usual, just to encourage me to lose weight. I managed to fit into it and wear it all day, but I've now been struggling for a couple of hours to remove it without tearing it to bits. FML
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Buy the size you have, not the size you want.

codytallica 38

I understand the point but why do women do this to themselves? YDI for knowing it wouldn't fit


Buy the size you have, not the size you want.

Or at least don't wear it if it's not the size you wear now, hang it where you'll see it and push yourself to get to that size

It's possible that she fit into it in the morning but didn't in the evening, as your stomach kind of blows up during the day due to eating. Worst case scenario it that you'll have to sleep in at so you can take it off in the morning!

Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits.

why did this one get downvoted it's so true.

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You do realize that you would look thinner if you had just worn the appropriate size

You don't alter Vera to fit you, you alter yourself to fit Vera - Bride Wars.

Go get butter! Good for comfort eating and lubricant ???

Won't do much for the dress though! What's worse - a torn dress or big grease stains? :)

I do the exactly same with condoms i buy the largest size, hoping ill fit it properly

Just go loose that weight and the dress will come off no problemo :)

Is OP just supposed to wear the dress until she gets smaller? Because that takes a while..

mischiefkel 17

Ahem, I believe you mean go LOSE that weight so the dress will be LOOSE, and will come off 'no problemo' Just sayin..

The message was clear 41, who cares about a tiny ass typo (aside from you).

Well 65, obviously plenty of people care...

Not necessarily, 23. Water makes up most of the body weight, and it can go quickly. Though dehydrating yourself to look thinner is very unhealthy, this might be a valid exception to the rule.

Congratulations on losing weight. Just a little more and you'll be able to get out of the dress too!

She didn't lose weight. She WANTS to lose weight but she wore it before actually losing enough weight to fit in it.

Ohh... I thought she lost a little weight, but just not enough to fit into the dress perfectly.

codytallica 38

I understand the point but why do women do this to themselves? YDI for knowing it wouldn't fit

It's good motivation. If someone wants to lose weight, there's nothing wrong with trying to motivate yourself.

except she didnt wait til she was that size...

I agree that yes, it is good motivation, but knowing it's too small, and deciding to wear it anyways is a YDI.

She should've waited until she lost weight before trying to wear it. I would've. It honestly helps encourage weight loss.

It's not like she wore it out or anything, I'm assuming she was wearing it at her house.

It says she wore it all day.. Unless you're assuming she has no life.

Unfortunately, I do not know the feeling. But I sympathize with you. I wish you luck in your endeavors!

Right? I buy clothes that fit me and are flattering immediately. Delayed gratification my ass lol!

Oh no! I'm sorry that happened OP. I hope your dress was okay. Maybe next time, get your current size, just in case? Again, I'm sorry that that happened to you. Chin up!

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Maybe after a bit more struggling you'll be able to slip right out of it!

The dress loves you. It thinks you're beautiful and now it would never let you go.

Typical garments; such a love/hate relationship!

Maybe you could use some butter. Don't eat it though.