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Today, my boyfriend made me breakfast because I had a cold. Because my nose was so stuffed, I couldn't tell that our milk had gone bad. I had two cups. And now I'm stuck on the toilet. FML
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Am I the only one that checks the use by date? Plus couldn't you taste it?


Am I the only one that checks the use by date? Plus couldn't you taste it?

At the grocery store, I always go to grab the carton that's the furthest away from expiring because just the idea of spoiled milk alone is nauseating.

You need your sense of smell to taste. As OP said, her nose was so stuffed up, she couldn't tell.

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Well, when my nose is usually stuffed, I can't taste anything. But then again, it depends on how old it was and if the taste would be foul enough.

that date does not mean expired. it means when it is freshest by. you can still use it after that date has passed.

No, the date printed on a milk container is the use by date. Most items have this, only a few have a "most fresh by" date. I worked in manufacturing snack cakes and other such items for too long. I am also a cook, so using milk past the due date can make someone very ill if it is too far past the date.

Once upon a time there were no such thing as use by dates.

sometimes you can't taste when you are sick.

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I never go by the date. If you go by the date and throw it out as soon as it "expires" you are wasting milk. Usually milk is good for like a week after the expiration date on the carton

Milk is gross anyway. Almond / coconut milk are better for me personally... plus they last longer in the fridge.

a week? really? :-o remind me not to come to your house for a glass of milk.. ever..

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If it looks good, smells good, and tastes good, it's still good. No matter what the date on the packaging says. But that's just my philosophy.

To my experience, sometimes the milk is still good a week or two after the use by date, but usually not. When it gets foul smelling and even just partially lumpy is when I throw it out

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Plot twist: The husband did know

Husband AND boyfriend... That is a plot twist. Damn.

Yea. And why didn't the husband do anything? Maybe it's another plot twist and he's actually into the boyfriend

how would you have known it was bad if you never tasted it?

because OP said they got stuck on the toilet, probably meaning OP got some diarrhea from the spoiled milk

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OP mentions her nose was clogged, though

Maybe after op got stuck on the toilet, her boyfriend checked the milk

seems unlikely that, that's what caused it. the bacteria that grows in sour milk only makes you sick because of the taste of it. the actual bacteria doesn't do any harm to your body.

As a biomedical scientist, this comment makes me want to to rip my own throat out. I suggest you google bacteria and bacterial toxins.

it made you want to rip your own throat out? damn.

And as a chef who has to know and understand food born illneses, this comment also upsets me.

It's definitely a good idea to throw that milk out and hopefully the expiration date is checked from now on... I hope you feel better!

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Feel ya OP. Just got done convalescing from bad milk today. Easter ruined. My fault though, thought that's just how almond milk tastes.

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Milk isn't a good choice when you're sick anyhow. Dairy makes mucus thicker and more difficult to expel. Next time stick to clear liquids. Hope you're better soon.

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I was hoping someone would comment about this! great tip!

You deserved it because you should be able to taste it. Or look at the use by date

Her nose was stuffed; it probably messed up her taste buds. Plus, her boyfriend is the one who made breakfast for her, so obviously she wouldn't have gotten up to check.

Someone's looking for a reason to make OP feel even more shitty

I pretty sure your boyfriend had breakfast wouldn't he of known it was bad??