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Today, my fiancé called and hung up right after I answered. He called back 5 minutes later demanding to know the name of the man who answered my phone. This "man" was me. I have bronchitis. Yes, he's aware of this. FML
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Ask him who the little girl that called from his number the first time was

Tell him it was your parole officer. He'll be so glad you aren't cheating that he's bound to just forget the whole thing.


Ask him who the little girl that called from his number the first time was

Does he have like memory loss or short term memory loss?? If not smart guy you got there. *rolls eyes*

1- yes. Then ask him if he's trying to be Justin Bieber.

Ask him why he did not recognise your voice the first time he called, but recognised your voice the second time he called.

Why would someone ever deserve this? It's not their fault they have bronchitis. Cruel people out there..

Wouldn't make sense if he had a deep voice @#1

Thumbs down for caring...hehehe...caring...

How is it caring? He knows she is sick but accuses her of having another man in the house. It's not caring, it's paranoia.

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Hehe, I think that he does care and has paranoia... You never know

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I know someone who was very jealous and controlling "even tho he seemed to care" sometimes it can go over board. It might not be a good thing OP..

Tell him it was your parole officer. He'll be so glad you aren't cheating that he's bound to just forget the whole thing.

65, coulda avoided being thumbed down a lot if you just googled it. :) Also, since the question's in your profile, OP stands for Original Poster. On case no one's filled you in on that yet. Cheers.

An asshole is that hole you wipe after you go number 2, also refers to people that are jerks

Ahhhh thank you for clearing this up, I thought it was a type of herbaceous tree, always got strange looks on those nature walks...

No one has a deeper voice than Morgan Freeman!

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What about the guy who played the voice of Darth Vader, who's name has slipped my mind?

loski87 4

^ his name is James Earl Jones. But I think Barry White had a deeper voice then all of them.

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What about Corey Feldman. He had a ridiculously deep voice in lost boys and he was only a kid still.

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Some men just have selective hearing...

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That sucks OP i remember having bronchitis it sucks but atleast your husband cares about keeping you.

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Is there a doctor in the house? * looks toward DocBastard*

Surely it would have taken you less time to type "bronchitis" into Google than it did to ask the question here, with the added benefit of getting your answer instantly.

Jbon - or could could just not act like an asshole and answer the question! *acts like an asshole and doesn't answer the question*

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I know I could of used google to find out the answer JBon, I was just trying to see if I could magically summon DocBastard, hey look it worked, and they said I was crazy for trying.

Jbon stop giving Australia a bad name!

DocBastard - I wasn't being spiteful, just genuinely curious as to why people ask those types of questions when it is so simple to research it yourself. As you would know, the definition of bronchitis isn't an abstract concept that requires someone to baby you through it in order for you to understand.

It is kind if nice to have someone with medical authority around commenting every time some twit claims they got circumcised by braces or to verbally bitch slap someone who might believe a yeast infection will smell like making bread, but for nasty people. :p Don't you just love being everyone's pg-13 rated "Dr. Oz?" ;)

PG13? Shit I used to be bordering on NC-17. I guess I'm slipping. I must research this fully. Jbon, the reason for my comment for you was that I've made that same comment at least 10 times. I can't imagine why someone would ask such an easily-googlable question.

I wondered the same thing when I first saw the word, but then I put the whole thing together. Someone also mentioned in a comment above that they've had it before. It's so obvious what it is now. Looking around and connect the peaces.

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36- Maybe because they wanted to get the diagnosis from the famous DocBastard, who doesn't like to be insulted by you, I for one would be honored to be. *waits patiently for ego crushing blow*

Thanks for the answer everyone, I guess I will look it up on google next time.

Technically, you didn't get an answer!

Instead of all these pointless debate, someone should just answer the question. :/ And dude next time just google anything you don't understand.

GoW - who is this "famous DocBastard"? I'm just the regular DocBastard.

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I must have you confused with another DocBastard, damn come to think of it that guy owes me money, and his Phd was from Mexico, should of seen the red flags.

I love how no one actually answered the question.

....And no one's going to answer it! Why? Ever hear "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for life?" Instead of giving him an answer, everyone gave him the Means to always find the answer. Infinitely better. ;)

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Looks like someone is stopping at the gas station on the way home to buy 'I'm sorry' flowers.

Pfft, she'll be lucky to get a Facebook poke. Chivalry is dead

Pfft,28 is right... Isn't it now that the more advanced way to apologize is "make up sex"?

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..or another advanced way - a "make up sandwich" ;)

Since when do gas stations sell flowers? It probably has to do with the place i live,but that just sounds weird