Just followed up on my recently accepted FML, so thought I should explain this one too! Everyone's comments seriously made me laugh by the way. Especially the shrek one, my boyfriend really appreciated that. To everyone saying "you mean ex boyfriend?", no. (Let me explain). If I dated a guy who legitimately did this, you can bet your bottom dollar he would be kicked to the curb. But I have to admit, I only posted a small portion of the full story. He actually mimed doing this as a joke in front of our friends, but unfortunately he managed to unintentionally get a little booger on his hand and actually wipe it in his hair. I informed him, and he ran to the bathroom with a mortified look to shower. And no, we will never let him live it down! Mwahahaha!

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Sounds sexy lol. Note to self: Don't eat while reading FML.

Shrek? Is that you?


Sounds sexy lol. Note to self: Don't eat while reading FML.

Waiting for the "dump him" comments...

Better snot jel than cum jel

Too late.

*cleveland voice* "Ewww, that's nasty"

To #33: That's like, your opinion, man.

Thanks for the heads up, too bad I'm eating my cereal right now

Shrek? Is that you?

Shrek doesn't hair.

I don't hair either.

I'm a social hairer

Oh my god that's disgusting

I'm pretty sure that's snot how you do it.

Nailed it. This fml is just disgusting enough that a cute or pithy pun won't cut it. Let's tell it like it is: flat out disgusting.

Ok that is really really gross

I don't know why but this reminded me of shrek

Sounds like a real problem solver

Resourceful! I'm sure he has plenty of other adaptations of a similar degree :D

Yes he washes his hands with his urine.

No more romantically running your fingers through his hair.

I just threw up in my mouth

I heard its a good solution for dandruff.

God no apple cider vinegar is the best way to fight dandruff

Did his hair look better?