By hulio88 - 07/12/2010 00:37

Today, after years of hard work, I had an interview at the highest ranking university in the world 800 miles from where I live. It snowed heavily for the last 2 days closing every road, railway, and airport causing me to miss the interview. There is no rescheduling. FML
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Why can't it be rescheduled? Shouldn't have been possible for your interviewer to make it either...

I think that's rather unlikely to be honest, and if they did tell you that then I would be having some serious words. I had an interview for Cambridge yesterday in the UK and they were incredibly accomodating to applicants that couldn't get in from even 20 miles away.


Why can't it be rescheduled? Shouldn't have been possible for your interviewer to make it either...

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If they are so highly ranked then they would make time for their students and not just their money.

yea 1 because if it snows at your house it MUST be snowing 800 miles away.

My bro is at a uni interview and just about got his flight before the snow came. The airport closed half an hour later! If he missed it the letter said there would be no rescheduling, so fyl op :(

29 your a dick don't correct ppl spelling everyone knows what they are trying to say

You do understand that if it's snowing hard enough at his house, it doesn't matter if it's snowing 800 miles away--he can't use the roads or airports.

EffinAhole is referring to 1's comment that the interviewer couldn't have made it either...

That sucks OP. I empathize, as something similar's happened to me b4.

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How does any of this have to do with bingo?

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^^^ really really REALLY bad joke alert

therefore the uni is too big for it's own boots and don't deserve you. you'll get into another uni

Yeah, University of Cambridge is just too full of itself. You realize the reason they have interviews is because ALL of their applicants are so well qualified there is no other way to differentiate them? Why would (s)he want to go there?

... I'm sorry, is going to a school full of smart people a bad thing now?

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@ 4. I top ranking university in the world is Cambridge in the UK. So i'm assuming this is what hulio88 is referring 2.

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it's like god came in and just snowed the shit out of your parade

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If it is Cambridge you're talking about, it's no better than any other University. They just have higher pass rates because they only accept the best. You could study somewhere else and pass all the same.

I go to Cambridge, and it is a whole other level of difficulty in terms of the work you have to do. There is a reason different universities have different reputations. As for OP, I highly doubt that. They should be able to interview you by phone etc if you can't make it.