By Anonymous - 28/05/2016 23:05 - Netherlands

Today, my brother "borrowed" my car and keys without asking me. He came back 4 hours later, alone and pale faced. It took half an hour of questions, interrogation, and finally threats before he admitted that my car is sitting in a ditch a few miles away, probably totaled. FML
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I hope you plan to "borrow" his upcoming paychecks.

If I were in this situation I'd be down a car AND a deadbeat brother.


I hope you plan to "borrow" his upcoming paychecks.

Make him pay every penny back and don't take sorry for an answer. He should have at least asked first.

I hope he's not in that ditch instead of your car right now..

If I were in this situation I'd be down a car AND a deadbeat brother.

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Then he can pay for the tow truck and any damages your insurance may not cover.

And for the resultant rise in insurance premiums...

If life was fair this would make the brother's insurance go up... sigh

Sounds like he now owes you a car.

Honestly, screw the fact he's family and report your car stolen and that you know who it was if he's not able/willing to get you a new car

Exactly what I was thinking. Who cares if he's family? If he really was then he would have known not to take the car, or at the very least ask permission before doing so. He deserves whatever comes to him.

It's called "Family". Besides, he could claim the OP gave him permission, and is trying to avoid an insurance rise. Also, it's a bad idea to report someone in your family, who may have secrets of yours. The brother may decide to report drugs the OP has, and may plant some. When you start a war, dig two graves.

He could claim whatever he wants, op is owner and in my experience with a ****** up uncle that does that shit, the cops will side with the owner.

He'll be your slave for years for that mistake.