By justin - 13/12/2013 03:08 - United States - Waco

Today, my boss found out that my girlfriend dumped me. He asked if that meant she would no longer bring her delicious homemade cookies to the office. When I said yes, he fired me on the spot. FML
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Sounds like your boss is a dick.

Is that even legal?


Sounds like your boss is a dick.

give the man a cook... or actually don't

bigtaytay 13

Sounds like OP needs to sue for wrongful termination

And a "criminal" because I'm pretty sure that's illegal

RedPillSucks 31

Unlikely. Texas is a "Right to work" state. Which means they can fire you for any reason, as long as it doesn't have anything to do with race, gender, or sexual orientation.

JMichael 25

There's no sounds like, his boss is a dick. That's a dumb shit reason to fire someone.

Wtf he can't even do that ******* sue the bastard OP

DavidKnows 11

YDI Obviously you brought SO little value to the nob, that you should have been fired earlier for not performing better. You were lucky to have lasted as long as you did. Wrongful firing lawsuit is weak, since your boss probably has a long lisp of reasons why you were ineffective. There are 10+ hard wanking people who want that job, and would work harder for the paycheck than you did.

caysters 12

Hard wanking people? I guess if that's what the boss is into...

#45 is right. Wrongful termination lawsuit coming up!

HJKM_fml 19

Sounds like a call to HR is in order. Sorry to hear that OP and best of luck with either getting your job back or getting a new one.

#83 And you know all of that about OP just from this post? You must be psychic!

hunts19ketchup 23

#83, There was absolutely nothing in the FML to suggest that the OP is a bad worker. That being said, I wouldn't be able to take you seriously even if you had a valid point because you said "hard wanker"

crazydave1998 6

maybe op was a really crappy employee...

Cadillac4427 8

#83 DEFINITELY DESERVES MORE thumbs down....smh #83, I presume you know OP's work ethic and history to make that statement ?

incoherentrmblr 21

...and the wrongful termination lawsuit begins...

Sorry to hear that, OP. Your boss is a dick.

OP better learn how to make cookies is how I see it.

Fyl op you're boss is a dick. Hope you find a better paying job!

Your not you're... for the grammer nazis. :)

You really shouldn't correct anyone's writing if you can't even use proper punctuation.

Spelling, not punctuation.


For the record, he was correcting his own, even though he did make another mistake while he was at it.

Sounds like he just lost a real hard worker.. You can do better OP!

Try offering to bring cookies.

Or offering to bring the relevant workers rights groups in to get the boss in deep shit over wrongful termination.

Is that even legal?

Ya it's legal unless he was fired for age , sex, religious, disability discrimination etc. write ups are a formality to reduce the risk of people claiming stuff like that

If it's a right to work state they can pretty much fire you on a whim.

Yah isn't that wrongful dismissal or something? Of course I'm no lawyer..

It's legal only in right to work states . If it was for example, California, then no because you must have a cause in California to fire someone. Also, being the case she can get unemployment benefits and depending on the state could suit and win.

That is so bullshit. How can some of your state governments do that to you? I could not imagine working knowing that if I slightly piss my boss off I may as well pack up and go home.

#55 on the flip side, how would you feel if you were a business owner and your government told you that you had to employ someone you didn't feel was a good fit with your business, but otherwise did a decent job?

NereidAlbel 14

If Texas is a Right to Work (AKA: Right to be Fired) state, then yes, it's legal.

California is an "at will" state. Only being fired for discriminatory reasons is actionable.

Florida is a right to work state. They can fire you for any reason at all. Where I used to work, they never even gave is breaks & when I asked if that was even legal I was told that since it is a right to work state that no they do not have to give you breaks if you are over the age of 18, which is bullshit. Op, your boss is an ass. You deserve to work for a company who's going to appreciate you!!

As a former employer (store manager for a chain supermarket) in Florida I can tell you that you HAVE to give breaks. That has nothing to do with Florida being an at will state. But I could fire people for anything that was not listed. But if I didn't give even one break in a 15 year employment and fired that person because his t-shirt was offensive then I can be sued out the ass for that missing break.

#73 Right to Work is something different. It's At Will Employment.

fballdt16 9

Yes it is actually. As long as the boss didn't fire the person based on gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and in some states sexual orientation, then the boss is allowed to terminate anyone's employment for no reason at all.

And if that's the reason he kept you, then he kept you for all the wrong reasons!

No cookie, No job !

No money, no ticket!

Every time I read FML's like this I can't help but wonder if I should say you should fight for your job back or be glad you don't work under such an asshole anymore.

File for unemployment!! But what kind of boss would fire you like that or for that?

Not just unemployment, but wrongful termination.

That all depends, maybe OP was a slacker and boss was being nice because of cookies. Either way, we don't know the whole story.

luckyone365 7

Unemployment if for when you get laid off, not terminated