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Today, I was cooking and I burned my thumb. I had some first-aid burn spray, so I sprayed it on. I went outside to smoke a cigarette, and when I flicked my lighter, my thumb went up in flames. Turns out that first-aid burn spray is flammable. FML
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What genius created a burns spray that's flammable??

One of the many reasons why smoking is harmful.


So you burn your skin, so the you figure why not burn my insides too?

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Scorched Earth and scorched skin are not the same comrade.

Shoulda thought about that when you lit your first cigarette.

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Don't care if you want to kill yourself but all these chemicals that leak into our drinking water from cigarette butts is unbelievably dangerous.

So I set my head on fire. This kid sets his thumb on fire and his fml gets posted. Smfh

What genius created a burns spray that's flammable??

It's amazing how many burn treatments are flammable. I think it's a conspiracy on the part of the companies that make them.

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It's supposed to be like the bitter nail polish that you use to get yourself to stop biting your nails. 'Sure this will treat your burn, but if you get near fire again, it's going to set your ass on fire'.

The clue is in the word SPRAY! All aerosols are flammable, that's how they are able to be sprayed. Next time use a burn cream...

Not every spray bottle is an aerosol one, but most first aid sprays (especially antiseptic ones) contain some form of alcohol.

One of the many reasons why smoking is harmful.

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How does this prove smoking is harmful?

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70- What you just said proves you to be a dumbass.

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Another reason in hydrogen cyanide. That stuff is used for lethal injections, and every time you smoke, you're breathing it.

This same comment is in EVERY smoking FML. We get it already, this is about his SPRAY, not the cigarettes.

It's true. My best friend was savaged by a pack of ravaging tobacco pipes once.

Cold water dosent stop the burning though

Yea... Kinda does. Stops it from spreading and from it getting worse.

fun fact: Cold water can make a burn worse than it is, warm water is better for burns.

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And that is why you don't smoke... :p

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I'll bet that fixed the cooking burn -- fried it right off!

see? they keep telling you smoking is bad... XD