By Sharibabi65 - 07/03/2012 06:16 - United States

Today, I told my fiancé I wanted to hear something romantic. He said, "My dick loves your mouth." I guess that's as good as it's going to get. FML
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Who tells someone they want to hear something romantic and expects something amazing on the spot

I would have said, "My fist loves your face," and punched him.


Who tells someone they want to hear something romantic and expects something amazing on the spot

Remind him that you happen to have teeth inside your mouth.

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Women who don't play games, that's who.

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I agree with Betz. That was not something romantic. If she wanted dirty talk she would have asked for it. I dunno... ( -__-)

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Hahaha oh boy:) he's got some charm:)

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Ugh really 61? Thats the millionth and seventh time I've heard that comment on a fml involving two people!

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I know right..? When you put somebody on the spot with a gem like: "Tell me something romannntic," anybody with a sense of humour or a backbone probably won't pony up and confirm that you are indeed an angel that must've fell from heaven. Haha, please.. you THINK you want to be dating somebody like that. :)

I would have said, "My fist loves your face," and punched him.

Thats what my wife would do If I said that lol

My fiancé is the same. Punching him for it just makes him laugh hysterically for some reason...

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That is just what I was thinking!!!!

There is something on your face *slam* It was pain!

Then expect to see your sorry ass kicked to the curb. Still funny?

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Asking for a compliment? What good is that? I mean if he is forced to give you a romantic compliment obviously he doesn't really mean it... If you are satisfied by shallow compliments that you force your fiance to give you then man.... that's sad.

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Yes, that's as good as it gets unless you find someone suited to YOU.

what's so "wow" about two people being betrothed? Last time I looked, it was pretty damn normal.

They mean wow that the fiancé said that

Wow, dummy. Nobody was talking to or about you. Get over yourself. It's 'wow' that she'd be engaged to someone who was so insensitive, or that a fiance would be such a **** to her. It had absolutely nothing to do with you so calm your gothic teetaws, eh?

Time for a talk, about what does romance means to you

A lot of the people on this site are either EXTREMELY lonely, which wouldn't surprise me considering what they would break up over, or have their SOs completely whipped. Or are completely whipped. Are you people immune to jokes or something? Your sense of humor called, it wants in!

So you're saying you'd leave your fiancé over something as simple as that (hypothetically)? Wow, that would show how much you really loved them. Her fiancé was probably joking; why can't people take jokes anymore?

28 and 31- I believe it's because people see the "leave him/her" comments get thumbed up in other FMLs and try to get a little attention by copying it here. Not because they actually believe they should break up.

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Is it just me, or does 'break up with that asshole' solve everything nowadays?!

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62 - It's the mindset of the day and age. Most people don't know the value of hardwork and that reflects heavily on a relationship. It's a lot of hard work, give and take, to keep a relationship strong none more so daunting than a marriage. People would rather divorce and seperate than handle their problems. It's terrible.

this 'break up over everything' is ******* stupid and childish. There are way more important things to get annoyed over than just a comment like that

I say and do romantic things for my gf all the time. But mind you I am a female lol. When you are in love, saying kind things to your partner should be easy. And not just things that are sexual.

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7 - Or, and this is quite a stretch, her fiancé was doing something we'd normal folk like to call "joking". I've been with my gf for two years and I'm romantic all the time, but it's always good to throw some humor in the mix; be it dirty or stupid (not light your hand on fire stupid though). I get where you're coming from, but he was put on the spot and we're not taking into account the situation. What if they were in the beginning of getting it on? If so, that's probably all that's going through his head.

7, Or maybe some people are just not comfortable with that stuff in general and express themselves in other ways. Who are you to tell people how they should behave in their own relationships? MYOB.

#7 you don't know what its like to have your penis in a girls mouth

Believe it or not, to him, he thinks it's romantic.

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When you get married, things will surely improve. He's wanting you to train him in exactly how to romance you. We men are just clay waiting to be shaped and molded into whatever shapes our wives desire.

Why is it that women spend an entire relationship trying to change the man they're with, only to hate the person he's become?

There are times when asking for change is appropriate. My man stopped drinking because of what it did to him and how it damaged our relationship.

"When you get married, things will surely improve." A piece of paper and a ring do not change who you are and how respectful and kind you are to your partner or the reverse. Anyone who believes "marriage will fix everything" is headed for divorce or a plain old unhappy marriage. Here's a thought, find someone who you love and who loves you, faults and all, and then if you please, be with them or marry them.

You guys take Perdix's comments way too seriously.

Well if his hint succeeded, it's pretty much as good as it's going to get for his part.