By Pain - 28/06/2010 23:37 - United States

Today, I accidentally dropped my cigarette down my shirt. There are now two unsightly, painful burns right in the center of my chest. FML
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OP YDI for smoking

Ydi. Don't smoke. It kills you.


OP YDI for smoking

I agree, smoking is a gross habit/addiction.

Anna, you hypocrite haha. :]

In soviet Russia, we didn't bitch about little burns

YDI for being a clutz...

woohoo four nipples for the win u can now breastfeed multiple babies congrats

yeah, no point in smoking.

in Soviet Russia STFU!! (:

that's y u shouldn't smoke

well how do you even do that?

YDI for smoking. Smoking is disgusting.

YDI wats the point of smoking if u don't get high

YDI for trying to be cool in front of your friends without using your bib.

agree with 1, YDI for smoking dam addicts

I agree OP. You deserve it for smoking, not only is it a nasty addiction, but it is also something that I thought would be stuck in the past by now. I am glad you got burned, those burns are a foreshadowing of what is happening to your lungs. YDI!!!

That's one negative of a V-Neck shirt.

that's what you get for smoking, you faggot.

now you have 4 holes.. one on each lung and two on your chest, good job

smoking is a habit, blow

YDI for smoking.if u didn't know smoking kills!!

smoking is a habit, blow it in the air ;P

Well it wouldn't of happened if you didn't smoke. YOU DESERVED IT all the way !

The sad thing is, I don't smoke yet the same thing happened to me with a lit match. It hurt like hell!

smoking's gross, but maybe you should be more careful..

congrats you now have four nipples like a cow!

that's what you get for exposing other people to second hand smoke. karma is a bitch

um #102 I believe stuntin is a habit aswell

ydi for smoking . why do you care about a little burn while every time you take in a puff of that ciggarette your slowly killing yourself ? life is more important than a burn op .

exactly what #1 said , YDI for smoking

ydi for living in California

WTF 5 is gone what did it say

great!!!! now that will go perfectly with your yellow stained teeth due to your smoking >_>

you all can fuck off, I'll smoke whatever I want whenever I want. 420

in soviet Russia you burn cigarettes

Wow, I was just about to say that!

agreed with #81 bro dont smoke

31 wouldnt that be nice?!

ydi for smoking

ill be the creepy perv guy pics so we can make sure.

ydi for smokin and bein clumsy. I have no pity for fools like you. :P

Exactly what #1 said. YDI for smoking.

ydi for smoking

people need to calm down here, just look at the war of comments down below. it's ridiculous.

Thats what you get for smoking. Haha.

I agree with 81. Smoking gives your lungs two extra nipples

for all you saying ydi for smoking, it's like saying you get in a car accident and ydi for driving.. my two cents idc much about smoking, I myself so it once in a while but not often but op deserves it for being careless and letting the stogie fall :D

YDI for having fat nasty tits.

205 ftw, bitches!

idk if anyone else agrees but I think ydi sounds better as youra dumb idiot ... instead of you deserve it . just saying(:

I smoked for many years and quit about 6 months ago. it's a dirty and expensive habit. Apparently dangerous too. Quit smoking. it's the best thing for you.

holy shit I just smoked what I wanted, any guesses? I'll give u a hint. it was marijuana!!!

there just oddly placed nipples

I lost all four grandparents to smoking related illness and last Aug 24 I held my mother's hand as she died from lung cancer. Look at those burns and realize what's happening INSIDE you is WAY worse and get smoke-free! It's either that or you will have the ultimalte FML soon.

No 1- Thats a very small minded ignorant view. Someone does something you don't like so they deserve pain? great person you are, huh?

uv got it all wrong in solviet Russia u r are funny see it's the opposite

EDIT: /ignore Stupid Javascript. I curse thee

smoking is gross! YDI.

ydi for smoking you dumb bitch!!! YOU ARE POLLUTING THE AIR!!!!

haha everyone needs to shut up, if someone smokes they r not hurting u in any way so stop bitching

in soviet Russia cigarette smoke you!  ahhh chooo

Best. Avatar. Ever.

dsnt matter if that happened because something worse is going to happen if you keep smoking.

yeah OP. YDI for smoking. if you're gonna smoke do hookahs =P

yeah your the idiot who decided to smoke

Karmas only a bitch if you are(:

Ydi. Don't smoke. It kills you.

He deserves it for smoking faggots.

Agreed with 2 and 80... 124, You fail.

128 lmao at the girl making the "west side" gang signs, you girls seem like fun haha.

ouchh tht might be the FIRST time tht happened

WTF is with all the soviet Russia comments?!?! just zip it no one cares about Russia it's seriously getting old with the comments ppl

In soviet Russia we kill men who talk bad about soviet russia. just ask the japs.

in soviet Russia, we zip you

haha, OP. i wonder if it looks like a 3rd and 4rth nipple. :P

it's wacha get for smoking. you deff desereve it

u can smoke just don't smoke ciggarets

my uncle, grandpa, grandma, cusin, another cusin, a 3rd cusin, aunt, another aunt, brother, and father all died from cigars so I FUCKING HATE YOU. GO DIE IN A GOD-DANM HOLE YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH

I hate people who hate smokers! would you hate a fat person too, huh?! they're killing themselves as well, jackasses. and why would you hate someone who's only hurting themselves. hate makes people depressed and want to smoke more so fuck haters

flirt, you got banned?

who dosen't hate fat people nowadays.

I have no problem with fat people.

WOW my 11th relitive died from smoking goddanm cigars oh 267 I hope you like that I spelled danm right I hate my iPods autocorrect 209 yes the dog is dead but it is not from smokeing

were you wearing a really loose shirt?! ouch

in between her tits... one on each

I've done this before. It fucking sucks :(

the cigarette probably moved around because of gravity...