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Today, I was confronted by my father after I got back home from a party in the early hours. He demanded to know if I'd been doing any drugs, and then decided to give me a scare lecture on the dangers of alcohol. I'd had a few beers. He had the smell of tequila on his breath. FML
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Well u shouldn't have been drinking in the first place and yea ik I'm a buzz kill

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Hes a hypocrite. If you're underage no wonder you're drinking.

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Hypocrites can't be taken seriously

14- the lady in your picture has the biggest camel toe I've ever seen.

He has no room to talk, kids learn by watching and he is a failure as a proper role model. I can see it now;you'll be in AA on your 21st B-Day. FYL indeed!

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Not all parents are role models. Lots of us are cautionary tales. It's not hypocrisy to tell your kid, "Do you want to become an old drunk like me?" Focus on the message and not the messenger. Your dad knows the evils of alcohol first-hand (and concurrently), and he's trying to steer you away from the path he has taken. By the way, was it that famous Canadian tequila?

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I was being sarcastic about his father being a role model.

Sure, it's ironic but unless he was completely shit-faced, I don't see a problem. If your really young like 15, (because yes, I understand people drink in HS) your dad is completely correct. You shouldn't have been drinking in the first place.

Good job dad. Do as he says not as he does eh. ;)

If your father has only one drink, his breath will still smell of alcohol. OP, your father is over the legal drinking age, he can drink. If you are a minor, he has every right to lecture you, and he isn't being a hypocrite for doing that. And I think he's more concerned with you out being drunk, than being drunk at home.

#16 For some reason, I have the worst taste in my mouth.

19: just because the OP's father drinks and is a hypocrite about it doesnt mean the OP will be an alky. s/he can see the hypocrisy, so s/he probably wont.

Not everyone looks at their parents and decides they're going to be exactly like them. I know for me my parents do some stuff I don't particularly agree with, but that's their choice, I just make the decision to not let that factor become an influence on me. In the end, it is always, to some degree, up to the individual to choose how they want to live their live.

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But he knows what tequila smells like???

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It's not the same him drinking at home and you drinking out then coming home. More dangerous for you than him.

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Well u shouldn't have been drinking in the first place and yea ik I'm a buzz kill

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22, Age has little to do with whether you "should" be drinking or not. Your body does not magically acquire an anti-alcohol, protective shield when you turn 21. It's just a law. It's going to harm you no matter what age you are.

Alcohol isn't harmful if not misused, it is only in any case harmful if misused, as is everything else.

If he's not underage then he's in a sad state living at home to be lectured about drinking. But mostly the living at home part.

OP is from the UK. The drinking age is 18 here. It's really not uncommon for people to live at home into their early 20s, what with university and the fact that there are next to no starter homes on the housing market. Also, the drinking age of at-home-with-parents is really young. It's not uncommon for older teens (16+) to have alcohol at parties and as long as nothing gets broken and no-one gets hurt many parents turn a blind eye beyond "you know the drinking age is 18 sweetie". The concept of an alcohol-induced anti-alcohol speech is highly amusing to me thought.

While the legal drinking age over here is 18 this only applies to the purchase and consumption of alcohol - at 16 you can legally drink beer, lager, cider, wine etc (not spirits) in a licensed premises (eg pub, hotel) if you are a) having the drink with a meal and b) with a responsible adult doing the same. There is NO legal minimum age for drinking alcohol in the house - though obviously if you give a 5 year old alcohol don't be surprised if social services get involved when he starts boasting at school. Personally I'm a lot happier allowing my 16-year old to drink occasionally in the house rather than have her outside drinking Strongbow in the local park like a chav - it gives parents an opportunity to educate the kids about abusing it. When I lived in the States I thought it was ridiculous that parents I knew didn't even give their kids a glass of wine on special events like xmas dinner or thanksgiving. It's part of growing up here.

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Well, you're probably underage... in which case, he has the right to do that. If not, your dad is boss.

lmao now you know who not to look up to

You should've said "I guess I just wanted to try those fancy drinks you always have!" unless you're underage, then yeah, he should try to make sure you don't drink.

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I can't wait to use that on my future kids.

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I feel bad for your future kids

Time to bring Chris Farley back from the dead to be your motivational speaker

My name is Matt Foley! And I live in a van down by the river!

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Just because he'd had some legal liquor on a weekend evening doesn't make him an alcoholic.

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