By Anonymous - Brazil
Today, I decided to drink a tea that I was told is good for regulating the intestine and losing weight. I was drinking it all day. This evening, while on a dinner date with my crush, I suddenly felt some action in my belly and ran to the bathroom. I stayed in there for a half hour and when I finally came out, he was already in the car. FML
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By  Exocin  |  8

Certain teas are only good to consume in moderation. One or two cups a day should be plenty, especially if you don't know how it affects you. Hopefully things went well afterwards!

By  bschwartzhs  |  5

Those kind of teas (like flat tummy tea) are used as basically a detox. They help relieve bloating and such by cleaning you out. Never ever drink that much of that kind of tea in one day though. Goodness. Make sure to drink a bunch of water to make up for that.