By chiktikka - 14/01/2014 22:06 - United Kingdom

Today, my dad asked me to lend him some money to buy his medication, since he's all but broke right now. He returned with nothing but a bottle of tequila. FML
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Bulldozer36 21

I think it's time to cut your dad off.


Bulldozer36 21

I think it's time to cut your dad off.

I think that counts as medication. It just Depends what you're trying to cure!

Better not say that #12, people will thumb you down faster than you can say Alcoholics Anonymous.

Or if OP can't cut them off because they'll feel guilty, he can go with him to buy medicine so he can be sure his dad is getting it, instead of alcohol.

Oops sorry 20, didn't see your #2 comment til now!

People have odd thunbing up/down trends on FML

Nope, you got thumbed down for being a killjoy.

In some cases yes, actually. You can use alcohol to clean wounds and stuff but I don't think thats the point of this FML.

Allow me to reiterate.. Tequila is medicine.

I thought that laughter was the best medicine..?

Although tequila=laughter a lot of the time.

Tequila + laughter must be a packaged medicine then

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13, u can use vodka to disinfect wounds, it works quite well actually

They can have you in debt up to your eyeballs faster than a bank can. I completely agree.

I'll make it easy for you to understand, 34. Sitting comfortably? Good, now listen closely. It is imperative you fully comprehend what I'm about to tell you. Are you ready? You positive? Don't just tell me what I want to hear; are you fully prepared for this? Okay, here goes… NEVER. LOAN. MONEY. TO ANYONE.

are you kidding me? I'd give my heart to any of my family if they needed it. what happened to families these days?

What happened is that family members took advantage of other family members because the latter thought they have to trust their family no matter what they do.

Doesn't mean everybody is like that. I've loaned money to my parents numerous times and they've always paid back, making sure to ask me how much they still owed me every few days. It's worse with my sister, but I know she's in a tight situation, so I just remind her every so often.

But what happens if your family really needs it? If you have the means to help out your family members (especially those who REALLY need it) then as long as they're not completely taking advantage of you I don't see why you wouldn't try to help them.

82,you're right,my point is that you shouldn't blindly trust family because of their status,but do so if they respect you.

83,it's fine to help them if you want to,but it shouldn't be portrayed an obligation to help your family,which is what a lot of people do.

TheDrifter 23

You don't loan money to family. You give it to them never expecting repayment. If they do, awesome. If not, it's not a strain on your relationship.

103,it would also strain the family's relationship if one of them always asked for money without repaying it or making up for it.

Please excuse me,I read your reply as if you were telling people to ignore their families not returning loaned money or it would strain their relationship.

About your comment,isn't that just a way to avoid trusting your family? Like if you gave money to a thief to avoid them robbing you.

Maybe it's time to have a talk with your father.

Did you ask him what kind of medication he was going to buy?

Well, there are plenty of medications you just don't want to know your dad is using, like suppositories for haemorrhoids. I think it's pretty normal to trust your dad, unless he has behaved in some way before that gives a reason not to

jessenia123 27

Wow that's no nice for a parent to lie

Parents lie to their kids all the time. Santa Claus? The Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? Religion? Those aren't lies?

Well, it's definitely curing his alcohol cravings...

Tequila isn't medicine! Duh, he should've known Everclear works best and is probably legally considered medicine in some states :-)

it could be medicating his depression from not having money to buy more tequila

Chellybelly92 14

Yes...helping depression with a depressant. Even if he is depressed that's a horrible coping mechanism.

some people fail to realize that alcohol is a depressant and believe it's a stimulant, and when away from it experience depression because they believe it is a stimulant. which explains my comment of the dad being depressed because he can't buy more alcohol

It only becomes a depressant in the morning after. That hangover's a bitch.

While it is classified as a depressant, it doesn't necessarily follow that you become depressed from it. If you are already depressed and you drink it then yes it can lead to further depression. But it can also make happy people have a real good night! And yes... Unfortunately in almost any case it becomes a depressant in the morning